What Is Cloud Hosting and Why Do You Need It?

Cloud hosting is the best solution for those of you who want the convenience of shared hosting with dedicated resources such as a Virtual Private Server (VPS). However, isn’t shared hosting enough? This is not the case.

Although it has many advantages, on the other hand shared hosting also has usage limitations. In addition to limited capacity, you also have to be willing to share resources with other users.

Shared hosting is still suitable for use when the website you manage is still on a small to medium scale. When your website starts to grow and becomes big – or there are too many websites in your shared hosting account – in general, your website performance will not be optimal. This is because the resources needed are also getting bigger.

In conditions like the above, the web hosting service provider will usually offer you to switch to a VPS. However, this solution is sometimes not the best solution because managing a VPS is not easy and requires special skills. Of course, ordinary users will find it difficult to operate it.

Therefore, there is an alternative to using a VPS, namely Cloud hosting. What is Cloud hosting and how does it work? We’ll cover them in this article as well as the reasons why you need them.

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1 What is Cloud Hosting?
2 How Cloud Hosting Works

3 Functions Of Cloud Hosting For Your Website

3.1 1. Able to Accommodate Massive Traffic
3.2 2. High Performance and Safe
3.3 3. Ease of Management (Full Managed)
4 When Do You Need Cloud Hosting?
5 What Websites Can Be Created With Cloud Hosting?
6 Niagahoster Cloud Hosting

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that does not only use one server, but uses several servers to balance the load and maximize server working hours ( uptime ). In other words, cloud hosting is a technology that combines several servers to run like a single server. The goal is none other than to maintain performance.

So, this type of hosting does not use a single server but uses a technology known as “cluster” – combining several server resources centrally. The more servers joined in one cluster, the greater the added resources.

Cluster technology allows websites to keep running even if one of the servers has a problem. When one server is down, another server will keep the website running. It made its uptime levels tend to be high because each mem- server backup .

In addition, the resources on cloud hosting are not affected or shared with other users because they are already dedicated .

Cloud hosting is broadly different from shared hosting in general. The focus on uptime, flexibility and ease of the scaling process , as well as private resources are some of the advantages of cloud hosting.

To put it simply, cloud hosting is VPS-flavoured shared hosting. Why? Because the management/management process is as easy as the web hosting services that you have often used, but the quality and resources are on par with VPS.

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How Cloud Hosting Works

how cloud hosting works

This section will further discuss how cloud hosting works.

The servers in this type of hosting help each other when performing a series of tasks or programs.

When there is a server problem, another server that is still active temporarily replaces the task of the problematic server to serve website requests.

The same process occurs when the server is overloaded. Other servers in the same cluster will help servers that are overwhelmed processing requests from websites.

So, cloud hosting takes a distribution approach. Because every website request is distributed to several locations so that downtime problems can be prevented when the server cluster experiences problems.

It can be said that this type of hosting applies the principle of mutual cooperation between servers. The goal is none other than to increase uptime and serve website requests faster. This is very different from shared hosting servers that work individually, even fighting for resources.

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Cloud Hosting Functions For Your Website

If you use shared hosting and your usage often exceeds the proper capacity, you can switch to a VPS. But if you are afraid that you can’t use a VPS or don’t know how to use it, the most ideal solution is to use cloud hosting.

The reason is simple: The performance is faster than ordinary shared hosting with the flexibility of dedicated resources such as VPS. Just imagine, with that speed you can certainly accommodate thousands of traffic at one time with a VPS service. However, compared to VPS, cloud hosting is easier to manage with Full Managed services.

Apart from that, here are 3 main reasons why you need cloud hosting:

1. Able to Accommodate Massive Traffic

You don’t have to worry about getting excessive traffic that can make the website down and lose visitors. Cluster technology allows websites to accommodate massive traffic.

So, the server can be accessed by thousands or even millions of people simultaneously. When one server is overloaded, the load will be shared with other servers. This method of sharing is known as a resource back-up system .

With this, you can focus more on developing your website and getting more visitors.

2. High Performance and Safe

Cloud hosting services have a variety of excellent features. Its features can help you build a reliable website.

Developers can easily add resources when traffic is high and reduce them when traffic returns to normal.

So you can create a platform that is fast, flexible, and easily customizable.

When most hosting services experience security issues such as network eavesdropping, illegal invasion, and data misuse. Cloud hosting services offer data security and confidentiality, data access control, and data integrity.

In addition, service providers can also add encryption algorithms to protect personal data and privacy.

3. Ease of Management (Full Managed)

The cloud hosting management process is the same as shared hosting, which uses a control panel. You don’t have to worry about having trouble making various settings. Because you can easily do all the settings using the existing panel.

Cloud hosting service providers sometimes provide Full Manage services – one of which is Niagahoster. Full Managed means that all server configuration and management is carried out by a team of service providers.

Full Managed service makes users do not need to be complicated to install and configure the website, because all the conveniences are in your one dashboard. You can use the Auto Installer feature to install and configure the website from start to finish.

You can also use WordPress Staging to test new features and ideas in the sandbox before your website goes live. In addition to Auto Install and WordPress Stagging, there are still many features offered such as LiteSpeed ​​Web Server and WP Accelerator .

LiteSpeed ​​Web Server is a technology that replaces Apache Web Server without having to change existing configurations, programs, or operating system details. Meanwhile, WP Accelerator helps you speed up website loading and optimize website performance.

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When Do You Need Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is an ideal solution for those of you who want to use a VPS but don’t know how to use it. You can also manage it like managing shared hosting using cPanel.

Cloud hosting performance is equivalent to VPS performance with adjustable capacity.

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What Websites Can Be Created With Cloud Hosting?

At this stage, you may be wondering, what type of website is the most suitable for using cloud hosting?

Relax, all types of websites can use it. However, there are several types of websites that really need their benefits, for example:

  • Online store
  • High-traffic blog
  • Project website
  • Company website
  • News portal

Do you see the pattern? Yes, the types of websites above both have a high amount of traffic. This can be overcome with the reliability of cloud hosting server performance which can minimize the possibility of a server down.

In addition, this type of hosting is also relatively more secure, especially when compared to shared hosting.

Therefore, this type of hosting is very suitable for websites that need high security such as online stores and company websites.

But remember, its use is not only limited to websites like that. Whatever the type of website, you are free to use it. With a note, the hosting specifications are in accordance with the needs of your website.

Niagahoster Cloud Hosting

No need to be confused about looking for cloud hosting services because you can get them at Niagahoster. We are a cloud hosting service provider in Indonesia. The packages we provide have affordable prices. Of course with infrastructure that uses the latest technology with guaranteed reliability and performance.

In the Niagahoster cloud hosting package, there are various features that you can use directly. You will get cPanel services, free SSL, dedicated resources, auto backup, free domains, and our technical assistance is ready to help you 24 hours 7 days if you encounter problems. All packages are customizable and have additional security to protect your privacy and data.

What are you waiting for, use Cloud Hosting Indonesia and develop a website as a tool to attract more customers for your business!

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