Digital Marketing Learning Guide (Complete Bonus Tips)

Now is the era of digital marketing. Both small and large businesses are flocking to digital media and cutting back on legacy advertising.

Instead of sticking brochures on red light poles, it’s more practical to put ads on the website. The budget for advertising like crazy in newspapers can be reduced by posting interesting promotional content on social media.

Unfortunately, many business people are confused about where to start a digital marketing strategy . Given, there are many online platforms and need a different approach.

If the strategy is wrong, digital campaigns can fail. It doesn’t matter how much you spend and how much media you use.

So in order for your digital marketing strategy not to go wrong, you need to master a few things. The good news is, we’ve covered it all so you don’t have to worry anymore.

Table of contents 
What Is Digital Marketing?
Benefits and Advantages of Digital Marketing Strategies
7 Anti-Fail Digital Marketing Learning Strategies

3.1 1. Determine the Buyer Persona
3.2 2. Identification of Target Market Needs
3.3 3. Susun Marketing Plan
3.4 4. Take advantage of various digital marketing media
3.5 3. Apply a Copywriting Strategy
3.6 4. Use Marketing Tools for Business
3.7 5. Understand Digital Marketing Metrics and Evaluation
Learn Digital Marketing: Start from Optimizing This Channel!

4.1 1. Google My Business
4.2 2. WhatsApp Business
4.3 3. Website
4.4 4. Landing Page
4.5 5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
4.6 6. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
4.7 7. Content Marketing
4.8 8. Blog
4.9 9. Email Marketing
4.10 10. Video Marketing
4.11 11. Social Media Marketing
4.12 12. Pay Per Click (PPC)
4.13 13. Native Advertising
4.14 14. Affiliate Marketing
4.15 6. Bonus: Culinary Digital Marketing Secret
Let’s Rocket Your Business with Digital Marketing!

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an effort to market products with digital media and internet networks. Such as Google My Business, WhatsApp Business, websites, and other platforms.

In fact, there are more than 4.8 billion internet users in the world (Reportal Data). That means, more and more people are connected to the internet, so digital marketing efforts are starting to be needed.

Sumber: Data Reportal

Seeing this golden opportunity, various levels of business have adopted a digital marketing strategy. So, they can reach a wider target market.

Not only that, there are still many benefits and advantages of digital marketing strategies that you will find out in the next discussion

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Benefits and Advantages of Digital Marketing Strategy

As a businessman, why do you need to learn digital marketing? Here are the benefits of digital marketing:

  • Flexible to use by all types of businesses that want to switch to online. Moreover, there are various digital marketing media available from free to paid ones;
  • Able to reach consumers personally according to the customer journey or readiness to buy;
  • It’s easier to measure strategy success , considering that digital marketing tools provide ad performance metrics;
  • Maximizing conversion rates because digital marketing is able to throw promotions to specific target audiences.

Now, you may be wondering what are the advantages of digital marketing over traditional methods. For example: sticking brochures on road poles, displaying billboards, advertising in newspapers, or other offline media.

The advantage of a digital marketing strategy is that it facilitates modern business promotion

Of course, digital marketing offers many advantages that traditional marketing does not have. Here are some of them:

  • Easily reach a wider target market up to billions of internet users around the world;
  • About 70% of people prefer to use the internet to find out about products than traditional advertising;
  • Requires relatively lower costs and can be self-regulated because it uses a digital platform;
  • Save time with various automated tools instead of doing promotional activities manually or involving a lot of physical activity;
  • It’s easier and faster to establish two-way communication to serve potential customers, than simply showing a billboard/brochure;
  • Free to determine when and the duration of the marketing program implementation.

At this point, of course, you are more and more interested in learning digital marketing. Even so, digital marketing is something that doesn’t always work, especially if you do it carelessly . Then, what are the steps to learn effective digital marketing?

7 Anti-Fail Digital Marketing Learning Strategies

Indeed, digital marketing can have a positive effect on businesses. But if you are in a hurry, the promotional strategy may fail because your understanding of digital marketing is still not mature enough.

So, so that it is easier for you to understand, try to follow these steps to learn digital marketing:

  1. Define a buyer persona;
  2. Identify the needs of the target market;
  3. Susun marketing plan;
  4. Take advantage of various digital marketing media (Google My Business, WhatsApp business, website, etc.);
  5. Implement a compelling copywriting strategy;
  6. Use marketing tools for business;
  7. Understand digital marketing metrics and evaluations.

In full again, let’s see the following discussion:

1. Determine the Buyer Persona

The buyer persona determines the success of digital marketing. In short, a buyer persona is a profile that represents your product’s target market. 

Tips digital marketing

By determining the right buyer persona, it will be easier for you to develop a digital marketing strategy that is right on target.

But don’t just point it out, you have to do how to create a special buyer persona for your business. Starting from research to creating a complete buyer persona profile.

2. Identify the Needs of the Target Market

One of the keys to digital marketing success is the ability to identify the needs of the buyer persona or target market.

Before offering services to the target market, make sure the product answers the pain points or problems they are experiencing. How to?

digital marketing tips to determine the target market

Please find out by going directly to the field with market research , making Focus Group Discussions (FGD), joining Twitter Spaces , and so on.

3. Susun Marketing Plan

After knowing the pain points of the target market, it does not mean that you can immediately market products and promotions like crazy. As good as the product is, if it is not promoted properly, it will risk failure .

Therefore, make a marketing plan . Marketing plan is a marketing plan to achieve business goals in a certain period.

Example of a marketing plan

By developing a marketing plan, your entire promotional strategy will be more focused and efficient . Because, you know what needs to and does not need to be done, and how you will achieve it.

4. Take advantage of various digital marketing media

The good news is, there are many digital marketing media that you can use. From free to paid . Starting from marketing channels to build communication, to expanding business.

There are many digital marketing media

The digital marketing media are:

  1. Google My Business;
  2. Business WhatsApp;
  3. Website;
  4. Landing page;
  5. SEO;
  6. SEM;
  7. Content Marketing;
  8. Blog;
  9. Email Marketing;
  10. Video Marketing;
  11. Social Media Marketing;
  12. PPC;
  13. Native Advertising;
  14. Affiliate Marketing.

You will learn a detailed explanation of each marketing channel in the Learning Digital Marketing section : Starting from Optimizing This Channel! in this article.

3. Apply a Copywriting Strategy

In your opinion, what do all digital marketing media have in common in this world?

The answer is simple: they all need words . Good for you to display on the CTA button, blog articles, Instagram captions to dialogues such as video marketing.

MOZ copywriting strategy

In fact, there are special techniques for concocting words especially to convey business interests. This is called copywriting .

More than just making up words, copywriting is a technique of persuading readers to follow your lead. Whether it’s transacting, registering, downloading, and more.

For that, make sure your copywriting is able to convey a good business message. So, the target market captures the benefits of your service and knows why they should buy it.

4. Use Marketing Tools for Business

As you know, there are many digital marketing media. Of course, it’s dizzy if you have to manage everything yourself, right?

Use marketing tools for business

Therefore, take advantage of various marketing tools that suit your business needs. To do lists to manage to-do lists, automated email applications, applications to analyze data, to tools to help with SEO efforts. As a result, project management is easier and more practical.

5. Understand Digital Marketing Metrics and Evaluation

Doing a digital marketing strategy without evaluating its performance is a lie. How can you tell how far a strategy is impacting your business if you don’t do an evaluation?

It could be that your strategy turns out to be too wasteful and not worth the benefits. Or it could be, your plan may no longer be relevant to the needs of the target market.

Metrik digital marketing

So, so that you can develop a marketing plan that is right on target, understand digital marketing metrics and do an evaluation.

Unpack your digital marketing media analytics and see how much traffic, impressions, conversion rates and other metrics are. From existing data, turn it into valuable information for business development.

Learn Digital Marketing: Start from Optimizing This Channel!

Now, you will learn digital marketing further. Although these promotional efforts both utilize digital channels, the way they are used and the purpose of each platform is different. Please follow the explanation below.

1. Google My Business

  • Level of convenience: easy, just register and complete the profile
  • Cost range: IDR 0 (free)
  • Performance: long term
  • Suitable for: businesses that are just starting or already running and want to make it easier for potential customers to know the store profile.
Use Google My Business to display store profiles

Google My Business is a free service from Google to show your business profile instantly on search pages. For example: company address, phone number, hours of operation, to business rating.

Examples of businesses showing on Google My Business

Not only displaying info, there are many benefits of Google My Business that make it easier for potential clients to find your business:

  • Provide valid information. Only verified business owners can create Google My Business, so the information is valid and minimizes the risk of fraud on behalf of your store;
  • Provide complete and current information. Store detail information can appear without bothering prospective clients to scroll or click on this and that;
  • Bring your business to life on Google Maps. Prospective clients can immediately check the store location on Google Maps;
  • Get reviews from customers. You can generate business testimonials to strengthen the interest of potential clients in subscribing;
  • Become a customer communication medium. Prospective clients can ask the seller directly through the Ask a Question feature;
  • Become a customer analysis tool. Google My Business provides Analytics features to help you check the performance of your business.

To enable Google My Business, please do the How to Register and Verify Google My Business .

However, make sure your business is up and running because this platform requires detailed info such as: store name, address, contact, and other complementary info.

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2. WhatsApp Business

  • Level of convenience: easy, only need to register an account
  • Cost range: From IDR 0 to IDR 1.5 million/month
  • Performance: long term
  • Suitable for: Communicating and serving potential customers directly via chat/phone
Business WhatsApp

Do you have a WhatsApp account? If so, it means that you are one of the two billion people who use WA actively.

With that many users, it means that most people communicate with WA. This includes contacting the stores they are interested in just to ask for a pricelist, stock of goods, and so on.

Business WhatsApp dialog example

The good news is that WhatsApp Business is now available which offers superior features than the regular version. Designed specifically for entrepreneurs, you can take advantage of WhatsApp Business to:

  • Displays a business profile. Starting from the address, contact details, website, etc .;
  • Make business more professional. One WhatsApp Business number can be held by several admins. Thus, task-sharing becomes easier and clients do not receive promotional messages from different numbers; 
  • Provides catalog features. That way, potential clients can see a list of products in your WhatsApp Business profile;
  • Monitoring of statistics and message labels. These statistics allow you to monitor the entire message flow including its delivery status;
  • Respond to customers automatically. You can set automatic replies such as Greeting Messages and Away Messages;
  • Send messages in bulk and automatically. There is a blast feature to distribute messages to many numbers in one send;
  • Facilitate communication management. There is a label feature to group chats based on certain criteria.

To use WhatsApp Business , you can download the application, then complete your business profile. Don’t forget to also make other arrangements that suit your business needs.

3. Website

  • Level of convenience: easy, you can make your own or submit it to a website creation service
  • Cost range: Starting from IDR 42k/month
  • Performance: long term
  • Suitable for: Replacing your offline store presence and providing the most complete source of information
Website as a digital marketing strategy

You could say the website is the center of your online business activities . Because, this digital marketing strategy can replace the kiosk that you usually rent in a shopping center.

Why is having a website important for business? In fact, a business that doesn’t have a website has the potential to lose 70-80% of its potential customers.

The reason is, the web becomes a source of information for people to see the credibility of the business. That’s why 56% of people expect websites to provide more updated info than Google My Business or other platforms (Search Engine Land).

Sumber: Search Engine Land

In addition, there are many reasons why businesses should use a website to be more successful:

  • Suitable for all types of business. Websites are able to provide the features that various businesses need. Such as tourist destination features for travel businesses, room availability info pages for hotels, etc.;
  • As a product showcase. The web can be a store for displaying as well as serving customer transactions;
  • Can be accessed 24 hours a day so as to minimize the loss of potential customers;
  • Control your own content. You are free to adjust the contents of the website according to the interests of the company. Be it product pages, press releases, and so on;
  • Make it easy for businesses to find potential customers. With SEO optimization, it is easier for websites to appear on Google search pages.

Are you interested in creating a website ? There are many ways you can do it. Niagahoster itself provides the easiest way to create a website without coding with the following services:

  • Instant Website , which is a service to create a website quickly without the hassle of taking care of technical matters;
  • Website Development Services , namely services to create websites with custom designs and feature requests;
  • Managed WordPress Hosting , a service to create a website independently and quickly without the hassle of managing the technical side of the WordPress website.
Buy Free Domain Hosting


4. Landing Page

  • Level of convenience: easy, you can make it yourself or ask for landing page creation services
  • Cost range: Starting from IDR 27 thousand/month (self-made), or 760 thousand/year (web development service)
  • Performance: long term
  • Good for: Focusing on driving potential customers to transactions
Landing Page Niagahoster

Maybe, you sometimes get confused between the website and the landing page. Looks similar, actually these two platforms are different, you know. 

A landing page is a page on a website that is specifically designed to make a transaction. For example .

The question is, if you already have a website, do you still need to make a landing page?

Landing page is different from website

Of course still! The reason is, landing pages have various advantages that are more specific than the web. Especially in terms of boosting transactions. In full, here are the advantages of landing pages:

  • More focus on directing the audience towards the headline;
  • Accelerate possible conversions by inviting potential customers to take specific actions. Such as transacting, filling out forms, studying products, etc.;
  • Collect potential customer data through the contact form.

By creating an attractive landing page, it is not impossible to skyrocket conversions up to 300% (Steelhouse). So in addition to having a website, you should also create a landing page so that your digital marketing strategy will be more successful.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Easy level: medium (basic concept) to difficult due to adjusting Google algorithm changes
  • Cost range: free to paid ( depending on the SEO tools you use)
  • Performance: long term
  • Great for: Making it easier for potential customers to find your business on Google Search
SEO results for cat feed business

Like a couple, the website and SEO need each other . SEO is a search engine optimization effort, so that the website and its content will appear on the top page of Google.

SEO makes it easy for websites to appear in the top rank

Why is mastering the Google search page important? The answer, SEO increases the potential for web traffic.

The more people who find your site, the greater the chance of a transaction. In fact, your revenue can increase by 40% if the SEO performance is good.

There are many ways to learn SEO . Now to make it easier and more focused, you can learn SEO based on its types:

  • On page SEO : SEO efforts that focus on website content so that it is easy to find the target market. For example posting SEO-Friendly articles;
  • Off page SEO : SEO efforts to optimize the website from the outside. The goal is to increase the credibility and relevance of the site. You can plant backlinks on neighboring blogs, open Google My Business, and more;
  • Technical SEO : an effort to optimize the back-end of the website so that it performs well. Both from web structure, website speed, etc.

But you need to remember, Google’s algorithm is fickle. Which, SEO optimization must also adjust to the latest updates. So, make sure you regularly follow SEO developments.

6. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Level of ease: easy to difficult. The results can be seen immediately, but it is difficult to find the right settings so that you can return your investment
  • Cost range: Starting from IDR 4 million
  • Performance: short term
  • Great for: Instantly placing your website on Google search pages
SEM puts the web to the top instantly

Apart from SEO, SEM is an attempt to advertise a website on Google search pages. This strategy is definitely more instant to put your site to the top position of search engines. However, this strategy pays off.

SEM brings instant results but pays

Here are the advantages of SEM over SEO:

  • Free to determine the target market specifically . Starting from age, gender, location, etc.;
  • Potential to increase traffic and conversion rates . The reason is, SEM will place your website in the top Google rankings;
  • Results are faster than SEO . For a fee, the website directly occupies the first page of Google.

While SEM may look tempting, don’t use this strategy carelessly . Moreover, this strategy is not free, so it allows expenses to actually swell if they are not commensurate with the benefits.

In the short term, SEM is indeed quite effective. As for the long term, you should use SEO to make it more secure and efficient.

7. Content Marketing

  • Level of ease: easy to difficult, depending on the idea and needs of the content itself
  • Cost range: free to paid (depending on the tools you use)
  • Performance: short and long term
  • Great for: Captivating potential customers with interesting and useful content
Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a strategy to produce and distribute content that is able to attract target markets and convert them into customers.

In fact, this strategy saves 62% more than traditional marketing. Meanwhile, incoming leads can increase three times.

Well, how can it be that great?

Sumber: Stormid

Don’t be surprised, content marketing is an easy strategy to reach various audiences. The reason is, this strategy is abundant enough that you can apply it to various forms:

  • Blog , which is a type of website that contains content such as various articles;
  • Ebooks , namely electronic books that audiences can download through websites or other platforms;
  • Email Marketing , namely marketing efforts that focus on communication via email;
  • Video Marketing , is a marketing method that utilizes videos on online platforms;
  • Social Media Marketing , namely a marketing strategy by utilizing social media as the main platform.

What is clear, whatever the form of content marketing, can make it easier for you to achieve business goals effectively and in the long term.

However, each form of content marketing requires a different approach. We will discuss in more detail in the following sections. 

8. Blog

  • Level of ease: easy (articles/general content) to difficult (articles/content that require research to special techniques such as SEO, etc.)
  • Cost range: Starting from IDR 27k/month
  • Performance: long term
  • Perfect for: Helping your business capture a variety of target audiences through the most comprehensive content
Blog Niagahoster

Blog is a type of website that specifically contains various kinds of articles. Usually, companies that want to attract more potential customers create blogs in addition to their main website.

Why is that?

The reason, blogs have a positive impact on business . In fact, businesses that blog can potentially generate 126% of potential customers than companies that don’t.

Blogs have the potential to generate money

This is not impossible because blogs offer the following advantages:

  • flexible blog function to help companies run a sales funnel (the stages a potential customer goes through to reach a buying decision);
  • Free to create content that can help to convince potential customers to transact;
  • Blogs allow placing ads ;
  • Boosting SEO performance so that it has the potential to attract more traffic;
  • Allows online stores to be more easily found on Google pages .

At first glance, blogging looks trivial. In fact, if you post content or run a perfunctory blog, the results are less than optimal. Therefore, you must develop a blogging strategy that is right for your business.

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9. Email Marketing

  • Easy level: easy (basic email) to moderate (specially designed email with attractive copywriting)
  • Cost range: Starting from IDR 80k/month
  • Performance: long term
  • Great for: Distributing promotional content and info

You need a digital marketing strategy that requires minimal investment but brings big returns? Email marketing is the solution. Email marketing is digital marketing via email.

Email Marketing Niagahoster

You could say, this digital marketing strategy is quite effective in reaching the target market. These days, who doesn’t have an email?

In fact, currently email users have reached 4 billion . Most users also check their email 15 times per day (University of British Columbia). In fact,  86% of people are willing to receive promotional emails from their subscribed brands.

That means, email marketing can be an effective means of promotion.

However, you can’t just bombard potential customers with emails. There are several aspects that must be considered in email marketing, including:

  • Do list building , or the process of collecting various data from your target market. This can be done through the contact form feature on the website;
  • Use an email address with your own business domain to be more professional. Like;
  • Provide a Call-to Action button, which is a call-to-action button. Such as viewing product catalogs, making purchases, etc.;

Now to do email marketing, you need a special platform. Niagahoster Email Hosting, for example. This is a dedicated email server service that allows you to send emails in bulk to your target market.

Even better, Niagahoster Email Hosting is equipped with strict protection systems, such as SpamAssassin and SpamExpert . So, don’t worry your email will end up in the client’s spam box.

Check Niagahoster Email Hosting

10. Video Marketing

  • Level of ease: easy to difficult, depending on the idea and needs of the video you want
  • Cost range: free to paid ( depending on the video editing tools you use)
  • Performance: short to long term
  • Great for: Reaching potential customers with content that is easy to enjoy and amplifies visuals
Video Marketing

If you are asking what digital marketing strategy is easiest for even the busiest audience in the world to enjoy, maybe video marketing is the answer.

Video marketing utilizes video as its main medium . So, people just need to watch without having to think much or take glasses to read the text throughout the article. Facts:

  • 68% of consumers prefer watching videos to learn about new products or services, compared to other media (Wyzowl)
  • Webpages with videos posted are 53 times more likely to appear on Google’s first page (Hubspot)
  • 51% of marketing professionals worldwide consider video to be the type of content with the best ROI (Insivia)

In addition, there are many advantages of video marketing that can boost your business:

  • Make it easy for consumers to understand your product/service with a visual display;
  • Video marketing is becoming more and more trendy and has a lot of fans;
  • Able to increase business revenue;
  • Easier to go viral and share with a large audience;

In conclusion, the video marketing strategy is easy to blend in the community. Using it helps you reach and embrace your target market. 

The platform that you can use is also quite extensive. Starting from YouTube, Instagram, to installing videos on websites (embeds).

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11. Social Media Marketing

  • Level of ease: easy to difficult, depending on the content idea and needs
  • Cost range: free to paid ( depending on the social media tools you use)
  • Performance: short to long term
  • Suitable for: Capturing a wide range of target customers through interactive content
Source: Statista

Social media users are skyrocketing from year to year. Therefore, a social media marketing strategy emerged. Social media marketing is a marketing effort through social media.

If you think that only young people play social media, you are wrong. In fact, in Indonesia itself, from teenagers to the elderly (aged 65 years and over) many are active on social media.

That means, the market potential that you can reach is even greater.

Source: Statista

In addition, there are many reasons why you should start social media marketing right now:

  • Save cost. Moreover, there are many free tools for creating social media content;
  • Effective and efficient. Given that you can specifically target your ads according to the demographics you want;
  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Expand market share;
  • Facilitate communication with the target market;
  • Spread the latest info quickly;
  • Attract traffic to the website.

Well, among the many types of social media, the most popular platforms in Indonesia are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

So that you don’t lag behind your competitors, you should start studying the best social media strategies on the four platforms.

Obviously, each platform has a different strategy. So that you master everything, see the detailed info through the following guide:

12. Pay Per Click (PPC)

  • The level of ease: easy to difficult, must make an ad that is able to attract the target market to click on it
  • Cost range: From Rp800 to millions
  • Performance: short term
  • Great for: Advertising your business at a promotional cost you can set yourself

The next digital marketing strategy, pay per click (PPC). PPC is a marketing effort where businesses only have to pay for each ad that their audience clicks on or views.


Usually, your target audience encounters PPC in the form of advertisements (ads) on the internet. The platforms themselves vary, so the advantages are also different:

The Advantages of PPC in Every Type of Ads

Market ReachFreedom to Manage AdsAd VariationCost
Google AdsMore than 4.39 billion Google search engine usersFree to set the target audience to advertise on Google partner websites and apps– Google Adwords (Google Ads)
– Google Display Network
– Google Shopping
– Google AdMob
Free to determine the estimated cost and only pay when someone clicks on the ads (Starting from Rp800)
Facebook AdsMore than 2.89 billion peopleCan narrow the target audience based on their demographics to display ads on the web– Facebook Photo Ad
– Facebook video ad
– Slideshow
– Carousel
– Instant Experience
– Koleksi
Starting from IDR 10 thousand
Instagram AdsMore than 1 billion peopleFree to determine the target audience, placement, and schedule– Gambar timeline
– Video timeline
– Instagram Stories
– Carousel
Starting from IDR 25 thousand
YouTube AdsMore than 2.3 billion peopleCan set the target audience to set ads so that the audience cannot be missed (non-skippable)– Skippable in-stream Ads
– Non-Skippable Ads
– Discovery Ads
– Non-Video Ads
Only pay PPC when the minimum duration requirement is met
TikTok AdsMore than 800 million peopleFree to set advertising objectives, target audience, and ad placement– In Feed Video
– Brand Takeover
– Hashtag Challenge
– Branded Augmented Reality (AR)
– TopView Ads
Can set daily budget according to time period (Starting from IDR 7 million)
LinkedIn AdsMore than 690 million professionalsCan set audience criteria and advertising period– Sponsored Content
– Sponsored Messaging
– Text Ads
– Dynamic Ads
Free to control advertising budget (Starting from IDR 28 thousand)

While PPC isn’t free, it’s a great digital marketing strategy for quick results. The reason is, PPC will not be affected by Google’s changing algorithm. So, your ad is sure to be delivered to the target audience.

13. Native Advertising

  • Convenience level: easy, only need to pay and the ad will appear to the target audience
  • Cost range: Starting from IDR 25,000/day
  • Performance: short term
  • Suitable for: Increasing the reach of promotions through more attractive advertising

Native advertising may be a term that is rarely known but its application is often found in various social media.

In short, native advertising is paid content installed on certain platforms with a format similar to ordinary content. Sponsored content on Twitter, for example.

contoh native advertising Gojek

Currently, this digital marketing strategy has been widely used by various companies. Starting from Netflix, Berrybenka, and also various MSMEs. Here’s why:

  • Native advertising offers a great experience for potential customers . Because the format is similar to regular content so it doesn’t look like an ad;
  • Creating curiosity of potential customers for the brand;
  • Increase the potential to get the attention of the audience. In fact native ads are 53% more likely to be seen than regular ads;
  • Expand the reach of a specific target audience . The reason is, native ads will appear to an audience that has habits and patterns that are relevant to your business information.

So by using native advertising, your ad seems to be ‘disguised’ into ordinary content. Even so, the impression like this is not an advertisement that attracts people’s attention. 

14. Affiliate Marketing

  • Level of ease: easy to difficult. Because, the affiliate that drives the promotion. However, it is difficult to implement a system to calculate the number of transactions that affiliate links generate.
  • Fee range: adjust the number of successful transactions
  • Performance: short to long term
  • Suitable for: Expanding promotional wings by establishing partnerships with affiliates

Affiliate marketing is a company strategy to partner with others on a commission system. That is, the person will get paid if he successfully sells your product through a certain link.

How affiliate marketing works

Why is affiliate marketing profitable for your business? Broadly speaking, this digital marketing strategy patched the weaknesses of PPC:

  • Save cost. Without paying advertising fees, promotional activities are carried out by the affiliate;
  • The risk of loss is relatively small because commission payments occur when an affiliate sells your services successfully;
  • Capture more target market. In fact, affiliate marketing is able to increase revenue by up to 52% ;
  • Increase the trust of potential customers with a word of mouth system from affiliates. Word of mouth is marketing that is done by someone to the people closest to him.

In fact, many startups and large companies in Indonesia have adopted affiliate marketing strategies. Examples such as Bibit, Tokopedia, Niagahoster Affiliate Program , and many more.

6. Bonus: Culinary Digital Marketing Secrets

Digital marketing is a flexible promotional technique for any business. Including culinary business. 

The question is, if the digital marketing media for every business is generally the same, why should there be its own technique for culinary?

You see, culinary is one of the most mushrooming industries. In Indonesia alone, there are already more than 5.55 million culinary businesses. Unfortunately, almost 60% of culinary businesses fail in their first year and 80% fall in the first five years.

culinary digital marketing

Therefore, a special approach to culinary digital marketing is needed. Especially for those of you who are pioneering restaurants or SMEs in this field. So, your promotional efforts can help your culinary business grow and survive.

Let’s Rocket Your Business with Digital Marketing!

At this point, you already understand what digital marketing is and the strategies to do it. There are many platforms you can work with and they all have different effects.

Media Digital MarketingSuitable for…
Google My BusinessMake it easy for potential customers to know your store profile
Business WhatsAppCommunicating and serving prospective customers directly via chat/phone
WebsiteReplace your offline store presence and provide the most complete source of information
Landing PageFocus on directing potential customers to transactions
SEOMake it easy for potential customers to find your business on Google Search
SEMPlace your website on Google search pages instantly (paid)
Content MarketingAttract potential customers with interesting and useful content
BlogHelping your business capture various target audiences through the most complete content
Email MarketingDistribute promotional content and info
Video MarketingReach potential customers with content that is easy to enjoy and amplifies visuals
Social Media MarketingCapturing various groups of target customers through interactive content
PPCAdvertise your business with a promotional fee that you can set yourself
Native AdvertisingIncrease the reach of promotions through more attractive advertisements
Affiliate MarketingExpanding promotion wings by establishing partnership relationships with affiliates

And it is important that you underline, all of the above media support each other. Here are some tips to make it easier for you to implement:

  • If your business is new, focus on organic efforts with minimal capital first (website, landing page, SEO, blog);
  • To build communication and engagement with the target market, take advantage of Google My Business, WhatsApp Business, email marketing, video marketing to social media;
  • After having more capital, please try a paid digital marketing strategy . Such as SEM, PPC, and native advertising;
  • In order to expand your business reach , you can try affiliate marketing and optimize other digital marketing strategies.

By combining them, digital marketing strategies are even more effective and improve business performance. Because, everything becomes completely automatic and it is easier for you to throw promotions to the right target market.

Unfortunately, for those of you who want to or are just getting into an online business, learning digital marketing may seem complicated.