25+ Video Editing Apps to Make Your Business Promotion Easier

Video Editing

Video is one of the most promising digital marketing strategies because video controls 80% of all global internet traffic. That means, as a business owner you need to start making business promotional videos by taking advantage of the best video editing apps. 

So, it’s time to dive into video marketing efforts . Are budgets and capabilities limited? Do not worry! Just use a free and suitable video editing application for beginners to help with your work.

This time we will discuss what are the best video marketing and video editing applications that can help promote your business. To make it easier for you to choose, we have divided this list of video editing applications into several categories:

  1. Video editing application on cellphones and tablets
  2. Online video editing application
  3. Beginner video editing application
  4. Video editing app for professionals

What are the applications? Just take a look at the list below!   

Have Free VersionSupport 4K videoHas a built-in Watermark.Has a drag and drop featureSupport share directly to social mediaInterface User Friendly
VideoPad Video Editor✔✔✔
Movie Maker Online✔
Hippo Video✔✔
Video ToolBox✔✔
Video Cutter✔
YouTube Online Video Editor✔✔
DaVinci Resolve✔✔
VSDC Free Video Editor✔✔✔✔
Pinnacle Studio✔✔
Final Cut Pro X✔
Vegas Pro✔
Adobe Premiere Pro✔
Table of contents closed 
1 Why is Video Marketing Important for Business?
2 Video Editing Applications on Mobile and Tablet

2.1 1. VideoPad Video Editor
2.2 2. Animoto
2.3 3. Magisto
2.4 4. WeVideo
3 Aplikasi Edit Video Online

3.1 5. Movie Maker Online
3.2 6. Hippo Video
3.3 7. Powtoon
3.4 8. Video ToolBox
3.5 9. Wave
3.6 10. Kizoa
3.7 11. Filmora
3.8 12. Clideo
3.9 13. Video Cutter
3.10 14. Kapwing
3.11 15. ClipChamp
3.12 16. YouTube Online Video Editor
4 Starter Video Edit Application

4.1 17. Avidemux
4.2 18. DaVinci Resolve
4.3 19. VSDC Free Video Editor
4.4 20. Pinnacle Studio
4.5 21. iMovie
5 Video Editing Applications for Professionals

5.1 22. Final Cut Pro X
5.2 23. Vegas Pro
5.3 24. Kdenlive
5.4 25. Lightworks
5.5 26. Adobe Premiere Pro
6 Can You Choose Which Video Editing Application Is Suitable?

Why is Video Marketing Important for Business?

That’s because video is a versatile content format that can give a real picture of what’s going on. 

In addition, video content is easy to share on various digital marketing platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and email marketing. No wonder video is the most promising digital marketing strategy today.

But apparently, there are other reasons why video marketing is so important for your business. Of course you are curious right? Well, below we have summarized the reasons why video marketing can make it easier to promote your business. Come on, see!

  • Attracts a lot of clicks. Just mentioning the word ‘video’ in the subject line of an email, the click rate can increase by up to 13%.
  • Increase conversions and sales. Studies show that 74% of users who watch product videos have a desire to buy the product. 
  • Increase ROI (Return of Investment). 83% of businesses say that videos provide a good ROI, even videos of mediocre quality.
  • Build trust. Video content can create an emotional bond in the audience. Then, from this bond, trust is built. 77% of people feel confident about the advantages of a product and then buy it, after watching a video. 
  • Preferably Google. Your website has a greater chance of being in the top rankings of Google, if you embed videos on your website. Especially now that YouTube is owned by Google.
  • Popular with mobile gadget users. YouTube notes that mobile video consumption continues to increase by 100% every year. That’s because many people like to watch videos wherever they are, in between activities.
  • Videos can explain a lot of things. You can explain everything from features, prices, to how to use your products and services through videos.

Video Editing Application on HP and Tablet

Besides needing a content strategy and creativity in making video marketing, you also need a capable video application. Of course an application that can be used at any time with the advantages you need. 

Well, below are some free video marketing applications that can help you create videos for your business promotion.

1. VideoPad Video Editor

videopad is one of the best video editing applications on cellphones

VideoPad is one of those video marketing apps that has extraordinary capabilities. This app is like a super version of Windows’ Movie Maker. VideoPad has a simple interface and has features that can be very helpful for beginners. 

Although originally developed for the Windows operating system, VideoPad editor is one of the video editing applications on HP that is worth a try.

Various excellent features are offered by this application. Starting from the interesting visual effects and transitions. Once you’ve made the video, it’s just one click to upload it to YouTube or share it with friends on social media

Price: USD 14.99 for Master’s Edition . 


  • Has a lot of special effects, features, and filters.
  • Has many options for video file formats. So you have wider editing options.
  • Drag and drop feature that makes it easy for you to create a video timeline. 
  • Supports various devices, such as: Mac, PC, tablet, smartphone.


  • It doesn’t have as many features and special effects as its competitors. 
  • You cannot save videos in mp4 format if you use the free version.

2. Animoto

Animoto is one of the best video editing apps on mobile for iOS

This online video editing application is quite special. Animoto can be used by anyone from vloggers to photographers to marketers. With Animoto, you can create videos with the quality of professional videos. So, of course, it can help you grow your business.

You can use this application to make various kinds of videos. From recipe videos, to news videos. Animoto lets you create short videos with a slideshow model. The short video type with the slideshow model is the most popular among marketers.  

Well, you can make Animoto a video editing video application on your cellphone that is ready to be used any time you need it. Especially, morning iOS users.

Price: Starting from USD 8 per month.


  • Animoto can help you create video slideshows to build your portfolio.
  • Provides dozens of built-in storyboard templates that can help create your marketing videos.
  • It offers unlimited options for text fonts, colors, stock photos, music, which you can add to videos.
  • You can even make your business logo appear as a watermark in the video.


  • Does not have a free version.
  • PowerPoint-like interface.
  • No live previews.
  • If you want to preview it, you have to wait 15 seconds for the server to create a low resolution version of your video.
  • Not suitable for those of you who want to do a lot of small edits on the video.

3. Magisto

Magisto is an online application that is popular for its ability to produce great videos and movies. After signing up with a Facebook or Google account, you can add photos and videos to Magisto. 

This video editing application on the cellphone also has various video templates that can be used for various industries. For example: wedding organizer industry, promotion, event organizer, advertising, and so on.

Magisto is widely used by small and medium business owners to attract viewers to become their clients. Because, with Magisto, you can make short films that can give viewers a deep impression. 

You can share edited videos directly to social media. However, to download it to your computer, you’ll need to upgrade or invite a friend to use Magisto.

Price: Starting from USD 9.99 per month.


  • User friendly
  • You can use the Magisto application on various devices, such as: tabs, iPads, PCs, or laptops.


  • Does not have a free version.
  • Motion limitations in editing videos in the free version.
  • The final edited video (free version) that can’t be downloaded.

4. WeVideo

WeVideo is an online video editing application that has a variety of functions. You can not only upload video files, photos, from your computer. But also from Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, to the WeVideo Media panel. Only then can you edit it. 

For those of you who are professionals and need better features, you can use the paid version of the WeVideo application. Because it is paid, of course the features are more complete. Premium features include green screen, voiceover, slow motion, screencasting, sync to iOS, Android, web platforms, and more.

Price: Available in two versions: free and paid, starting at USD 4.99 per month. 


  • WeVideo lets you tag specific clips. Or, add text to videos, transitions, background graphics, overlays, or frames .
  • This app can be downloaded on your iPhone, Android, or Windows 10 computer if you want to edit offline.


  • It will take some time to learn how this app works.
  • Difficult transition feature.

Online Video Edit Application

In the internet era like today, you no longer need to install an application to be able to edit videos. You only need to use an internet-connected device. Then, access the online video editing application complete with its services and features to the fullest. 

By editing online videos, you also don’t have to worry about lack of storage. Because you can upload it on the server. 

So, what are the best online video editing applications that you can use? Here’s the list for you:

5. Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online App

As the name suggests, Movie Maker Online specializes in making videos in the form of movies. This application is able to create simple movies with a collection of photos, clips, music. It features titles and effects, a royalty-free music catalog, and plenty of stock images.

On the top menu, you can add text, music, and even effects like: HQ video pix and black and white textures. You just need to click on one of the options.

To edit videos with this app, you just need to upload the video you want to edit to the project timeline. There you can trim clips, add filters, or apply transition effects. 

This application is suitable for use by beginners who do not need many features in editing video marketing.

Price: Free version available, and paid version: USD 39.5.


  • You can access this application on any computer. You also don’t have to worry about where to store it. Because the storage is in the cloud.
  • If you want to expand the video by adding music or pictures. You can retrieve it from the Movie Maker archive. Everything is free, and royalty free. 


  • Confusing interface.
  • You must disable ad blocker to use this app.
  • Can only export videos to MP4.

6. Hippo Video

Hippo Video Edit Application

An all-in-one video marketing application that can create videos, edit, email videos, and post videos on the web, of course Hippo Video. 

In addition, this platform also provides video editing services. You can add media files from your computer or Google Drive. However, videos from Hippo Video are only available in MP4, mkv, flv, 3gp, and mpg formats. With the maximum supported file is 500MB. 

This application is available in two versions. Free and professional version. For the free ones, you can use the basic features like: split, trim, crop, add text or resize, add simple titles, emojis, and callouts. To get a professional version like recording narration and adding it to videos, you need to upgrade or recommend to friends.  

Price: Available in two versions: a free version, and a paid version which is USD 5 per month.


  • Apart from importing videos, you can also use Hippo Video to record your desktop screen, webcam, and voice over. 
  • You can share edited videos directly to social media. Or download it to your computer.
  • No watermark.


  • Sometimes slow when processing videos.
  • Limited tool options.

7. Powtoon

Powtoon Video Edit Application

If you need a video that serves as a guide, then Powtoon is the answer. Powtoon is an online video editing application specifically for making explanatory or tutorial videos . You can create tutorial videos or infographics in full animation style with a large selection of characters, properties, objects, and text. 

To use this application online, you need to sign in first. Once signed in to your account, you can take advantage of the various templates available for various video models: explainer videos, marketing videos, infographic videos, advertising videos, and presentations.

The specialty of Powtoon compared to its competitors is that this application can produce quality and attractive videos. That’s why many companies use Powtoon to promote products and increase sales. 

Price: For the Pro Plan, prices start at USD 19 per month. Pro+ plan USD 29 per month. Agency Package USD 99 per month or USD 1,188 per year .


  • Allows you to create videos with 1:1, 16:9, 9:16 ratios. You can also upload your own video footage or use the built-in video source from Story Block.
  • You can select one of the many images of people and objects from PowToon. Then you can use it on your blank canvas or colored background.


  • You need to upgrade to be able to download edited videos.
  • The paid version of the PowToon app (per month) is quite expensive.

8. Video ToolBox

Edit Video Toolbox application

Are you a student who needs a simple video editing application? If yes, you can try Video Toolbox. Despite its simplicity, the free video editing app Toolbox is well known for its extraordinarily extra functions. With the Toolbox, you can not only edit videos, but also get detailed information about the bit rate, frame rate, codec, and resolution. 

To be able to access this online video editing application, you must first create an account. After activating your account via email, you can log in to enter the main menu. 

Price: Free.


  • It can convert your video files into several popular formats such as MKV, Mp4, MOV, and AVI. 
  • Allows you to upload videos from your computer or from a URL, even up to 1500MB.
  • With ToolBox, you can merge, crop, and cut your video files.
  • No watermarks. 
  • The video quality is still good even though the clip is cut.


  • Limited storage. 
  • Most of the tools don’t have a video preview option.
  • Interface and overall appearance looks out of date.
  • Has no video effects.

9.  Wave

Wave Video Edit Application

The Wave application is a video editing application that you can use only through your browser. With its various features, Wave will make it easy for you to edit videos for any platform. Be it YouTube, social media, or projects outside of online platforms. 

Wave lets you do many things like: trim clips, add text to videos, adjust video brightness, add clips, apply transition effects, resize videos, and much more.

Price: Free and paid versions are available. The paid version is divided into three plans: Creator Plan for USD 8.25 per month, Pro Plan for USD 33, and Agency Plan for USD 49 per month. 


  • Has lots of stock images and footage.
  • Provides many templates, graphics, watermarks, stickers.
  • After you finish editing the video, you can upload the result to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Google Drive, Dropbox.
  • The audio track visualizer feature makes it easier to add music to your videos.
  • Easy to use.


  • It’s hard to make text on a black background. You must place the text above the image or video.
  • You can’t download edited videos in the free version.
  • The free version only lets you create videos that are 15 seconds long.

10.   Kizoa

Kizoa Video Edit Application

Kizoa is an online video editing application that is famous for its wide transition effects. So it can help you easily develop professional quality videos. 

With Kizoa, you can create videos with photos, music, by adding text, special effects, transitions. The app also supports 4K UHD recording and provides different aspect ratios of 16:9, 4:3, 3:2, 1:1, and 9:16, 3:4, 2:3 for portrait format. You can also add photos or videos from your computer or social media. 

Price: Available in two versions: a free and a paid version. Kizoa provides four plans for the paid version: Starter Plan for USD 29.99, Creator Plan for USD 49.99, Professional Plan for USD 99.99, and Business Plan for USD 299.99. The price of the four packages is the price of a lifetime. This means you only have to pay once for a lifetime!


  • The Kizoa library includes many animations and effects that can be used for special video editing purposes.
  • This application makes it easy for you to edit videos with several details such as position, size, duration, and timing.
  • You do not need to register to be able to access its features.
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals.


  • It’s hard to manually reset the video duration. Kizoa automatically adds extra time to videos.
  • Some problems such as crashes and frequent crashes in the transition feature. 

11. Filmora

Filmora Video Edit Application

Filmora is an online video editing app that gives you the freedom you can’t get from other apps. After purchasing the license pack, you can get tons of effects that you can use for your video projects. 

You can remove or add a watermark. And get technical support 24/7. 

With Filmora, you can adjust the color effect, brightness, speed, rotation, and other supporting features. For those of you who just want to start editing videos, this application is suitable because it is light and does not crash easily .

Price: Filmora provides three packages: Annual Plan Package for USD 39.99 per year, Lifetime Plan Package for USD 69.99, and Annual Bundle Plan Package for USD 99.87 per year. 


  • Has an interface that can help you create interactive videos.
  • You can use this application to create attractive videos to brand your business,
  • This application can be used on Windows and Mac and is available on Android and iOS under the name “FilmoraGo”.


  • Not all software features are free.
  • If you edit in the free version, your resulting video will have a built-in watermark.
  • Performance is sometimes slow (lagging) especially if your processor or RAM is limited. 

12. Clideo

Clideo Video Edit Application

This online video editing application is super simple. With Clideo, you can combine videos and images to make videos longer. 

Because the app is super simple, so you need to add separate tools to trim videos, rotate, compress, and more. With the help of storage servers like Google Drive and Dropbox, you no longer have to worry about your hard drive memory.

Different from other apps, Clideo app has its own video player. So that the video results from Clideo cannot be directly shared on social media. Instead, you have to copy the link, and share it on social media like Facebook or Twitter.

Price: USD 6 for a monthly subscription. USD 99 for a lifetime package.


  • Very easy to use and suitable for beginners.
  • Low price. 
  • Can add videos, images, and background tracks.


  • Per project is limited to only 500MB. 
  • Not suitable for video editing that requires a lot of features.

13. Video Cutter

Video Cutter Edit Application

If you want a user-friendly online video editing application, you can use Video Cutter. 

This app focus on unlimited video cutting service! You can also upload videos from your computer via Dropbox, Google Drive, or directly from a URL. 

With this online application, you can play videos from 90, 180, even up to 270. Not only that, with Video Cutter you can also apply several editing styles to create cool video results. 

However, what you need to know, Video Cutter can only handle video files with a maximum size of 500MB.

Price: From USD 29 for lifetime use.


  • Free. Even for advanced features.
  • No need to register to use the Video Cutter online application.
  • No watermarks. 


  • Features limited to trim, crop, and rotate videos.

14. Kapwing

Kapwing Video Edit Application

Another all-in-one online video editing app that you should know about is Kapwing. Kapwing provides many facilities that support your video editing activities. You can see what the facilities are in the benefits section below. 

To edit a video, all you have to do is upload the media file from your computer or paste the video URL to get started. 

If you access Kapwing without signing in, there will be a watermark on your edited video later. So, for example, if you don’t want a watermark to appear on your video, you have to sign in first if you want to edit the video.

Price: USD 20 per month.


  • Kapwing provides various facilities such as: online meme generator, video maker, video resizer, video trimmer, subtitle, audio, video loop, and so on.  
  • Allows you to customize the video size with a size ratio of 1:1, 9:16, 16:9, 4:5, 5:4.
  • You can download edited videos to your computer, or share them directly on social media.


  • Difficult interface.
  • Features that are hard to find on the screen.
  • It is not easy to resize text because there is no size option. You have to click and drag the text box to adjust.

15. ClipChamp

ClipChamp Video Editing App

ClipChamp is an online video editing application that is used by many people. In addition to the main function of editing videos, this application also provides a video compressor, converter, and webcam recorder. 

With drag and drop, you can use this app to crop, trim, rotate, and flip videos. ClipChamp also provides a library of free and paid video and audio files. Just choose which one suits your needs.  

Price: Available in two versions: free and paid. For those who pay ClipChamp provides three plans: Business Plan USD 19 per month and USD 156 per year, Creator Plan USD 9 per month and USD 72 per year, Business Platinum Plan USD 39 per month and USD 324 per year.


  • This platform allows beginners to finish editing their videos quickly. The results can be directly saved on a computer or Google Drive.
  • You can add text, overlays, backgrounds, and transitions. 
  • You can also adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast easily.
  • Has a choice of ratio for the size of the video display. 1:1, 9:16, 4:3, or 16:9. 


  • It will take some time to learn how this app works.
  • There is no easy way to determine the length of a video. You’ll need to look at the numbers on the timeline to see how long the clip will last.  

16. YouTube Online Video Editor

Youtube Online Video Editor App

Did you know that you can edit videos on YouTube without affecting their views, comments, and rankings? Yup , you can cut your video, save the original URL, then it will be re-indexed by Google. You can also create multiple versions of just one video. Without having to close the platform.

With the YouTube Online Video Editor app, you don’t have to hire anyone to edit your videos. Its simple features and functions are sufficient for basic video editing purposes. Even though it’s free and simple, this app is quite satisfying because it almost never freezes or crashes. 

Price: Free.


  • Save time and money because it’s free and easy to use.
  • Has the ability to remix and reuse video clips.
  • Can add effects, transitions, images, and combine videos. 


  • You cannot add your own music. However, you can still use audio tracks from YouTube’s audio pool.
  • It only has basic features.
  • Can only add text and graphics at the beginning and end of the video

Starter Video Edit Application

For those of you who are still starting a business, there is no need to rush to hire a videographer to work on your video marketing content. With the help of a beginner video editing application, you can certainly do your own video marketing. 

Two important keys to video editing for beginners are time and passion for learning! After you have both, the next step is to determine the video application.

17. Avidemux

Avidemux Video Edit Application

Even though it’s free, the Avidemux video marketing application is capable enough to make quality videos. Suitable for use by those of you who are new to the world of videography. 

With Avidemux, you can do the basics of video editing such as:  simple cutting, encoding, filtering. This application also supports various video formats such as MPEG, DVD, AVI, and MP4. 

No need to worry if you want to edit large videos. Avidemux has cutting and selecting features, and can compress and convert multiple video files at once.

In addition, Avidemux also has filters with different functions, such as rotating videos, adding subtitles, adjusting colors, and so on. So, you can create attractive video marketing content for your target market.  

Price: Free.


  • Can convert various types of video files. From one format to another.
  • Simple and very easy to use.
  • Can be used on various operating systems: Windows, macOS, and Linux.


  • Limited functions and features.
  • Limited to simple video editing.

18. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve Video Edit Application

With professional-grade quality, DaVinci Resolve comes as one of the best video editing software for beginners. 

DaVinci Resolve provides its video editing application in two versions: a free and a paid version. Although actually, the free version is also quite capable for beginners. With this application, you can do post-production editing and testing of audio and video.

This application is available for various operating systems such as Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. So, we can say DaVinci Resolve is one of the best PC video editing applications.

To get more complete features and functions, you need to subscribe to the paid version, namely DaVinci Resolve Studio.

Price: Available in both free and paid versions of DaVinci Resolve Studio for USD 299. 


  • It has a variety of powerful features for editing, mixing, and producing high-quality videos.
  • Has built-in key features for data storage and project collaboration.


  • Not all functions and features are free.
  • Confusing interface.

19. VSDC Free Video Editor

Aplikasi Edit Video VSDC Free Video Editor

Although this application is only available for the Windows operating system, but its functionality is quite complete! VSDC Video editor offers powerful and versatile features with various objects and effects. For example, such as: background remover, split screen, picture-in-picture, color correction, and many more. 

In addition, SDC Video editor supports video files with various formats. Plus, equipped with easy-to-follow instructions, this app is a treat for beginners. Perfect for YouTubers, video gamers, action camera owners.

Price: Available in two versions: free and paid, which is USD 19.99 for VSDC Video Editor Pro .


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Interface berbentuk drag and drop.


  • Technical support is not free.
  • Can only be used on Windows.
  • More suitable for presentations.

20. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio Video Editing App

Even for beginners, this video editing application is able to create video results with above average quality. Pinnacle’s creative toolset makes it stand out from other beginner video editing apps. With this software, you can capture and import material from various sources. Then put in a stop-motion effect and do editing360.  

The Pinnacle Studio application allows users to create video content in the form of Video CD, DVD-Video, AVCHD, or Blu-Ray formats. In addition, you can also add complementary menus and burn a CD.

Price: Available in three plan levels: Studio for USD 59.95, Studio Plus for USD 99.95, and Studio Ultimate for USD 129.95.


  • Easy to use. 
  • Equipped with drag and drop features and snippets for audio and video.
  • Has the capacity and functionality similar to professional software.


  • The price is quite expensive.
  • Cannot operate on Mac.
  • The free version does not support 4K content.

21. iMovie

IMovie Video Edit Application

This video editor application for Mac users comes as one of the best-rated video editing applications. With iMovie, you can create videos like Hollywood movie trailers. Because this application allows you to create videos with storytelling style, complete with logo and credits roll.

Although this software is made specifically for Mac, iMovie can accept edited material from devices other than Apple products. This allows you to continue editing videos on your Mac. Anyway, with this application you can create clips, trailers, movies with 4k resolution. 

Price: Available in two versions: free and paid, which is USD 14.99.


  • Interface yang user friendly
  • Has a green-screen feature to create special effects.


  • Has limited features.
  • The rendering time is quite slow.

Video Editing App for Professionals

As a professional videographer, of course you need additional features with more capable functions. You probably don’t really care how much it costs. As long as the advantages and quality provided are worth the price, why not? 

Well, just right! Below, we present some applications that can meet your needs as well as your ability to edit videos.

22. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro Video Editing Application

If you are a professional videographer using Mac OS X. This video editing app is for you. This application is the standard post-production video editing application for Mac OS X. With constantly updating features, this software is getting more and more innovative. 

In this application, you can find several functions such as: encoding suite and compressor, which can produce high-quality videos without a hitch. However, to be able to operate this application you need a minimum of 4GB of RAM, an OpenCL-Graphic card, and 256MB of video RAM.

Unlike other applications that only provide a maximum trial of a week, Final Cut Pro X provides a free trial for 30 days!

Price: Available in two plans: Final Cut Pro X for USD 299.99, and Logic Pro X for USD 199.99.  


  • It features 360 footage and HDR quality. 
  • Equipped with 3D effects and many multi-camera options.  
  • Easy operation.


  • It takes time to learn and be able to operate this application.
  • Non-customizable file management settings.
  • Some of the filters for the audio and visuals are not of high quality.

23. Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro Video Editing App

As a video editing application developed by Sony and taken over by Magix, Vegas Pro is one of the software to be reckoned with. This application has been used by many professionals in the film, television, and other industries. 

Vegas Pro is known as a flexible and efficient application because it has workflows and tools that can increase production speed.

With Vegas Pro, you can edit clips with a timeline and apply interesting effects and elements to your videos. For example, such as slowing down the playback speed in certain frames. 

You can also use this video editing application to create special effects such as 3D titles. Or, use Vegas Pro to copyright your work.

Price: $399 for the license, and $199 for the software upgrade.


  • It is perfect for making quality montages (editing and merging film clips). 
  • Software that is always up to date .


  • Limited transition options for the free version.
  • The rendering time is quite long.
  • The price is quite expensive.

24. Kdenlive

Kdenlive Video Edit Application

In the past, Kdenlive was probably a popular video marketing app among Linux users. However, now the developer has launched this app for Mac and Windows users! 

The Kdenlive video marketing application has an excellent function, namely a multi-track timeline, equipped with many effects and transitions.

This application supports videos in AVCHD, DV, and HDV formats. No less great with other video marketing applications. 

The Kdenlive application supports use across two monitors, for multi-track timelines, clip lists, customizable layouts, and basic effects. In addition, Kdenlive is a video marketing application that almost never crashes, you know!

Price: Free.


  • It has analysis tools including histograms, audio meters, waveforms, vectorscopes, and more.
  • Configurable interface according to your needs.
  • No complicated installation required. Just unzip the file and run the program. 


  • The update is slow.
  • Doesn’t have good video effects.
  • Not suitable for beginners.

25. Lightworks

Lightworks Video Edit Application

Lightworks is a dedicated video editing software for experienced videographers. Lightworks has been used by many award-winning television programs and films. 

This application includes a top-class video editing application that is capable of color correction, motion graphics, and has composition (composting) capabilities.

This application requires a high level of knowledge in its operation. That is why, only professional videographers are suitable to operate it. 

You can use the free version first if you want to try the basic functions and features. If you are satisfied, you can start subscribing to the paid version.


  • Easy and simple interface.
  • Equipped with a toolbar that provides a lot of_wp_link_placeholder things. Access to video or audio stream recording devices. Import winPrice: Available in two versions: free and paid. For paid, you have to prepare USD 24.99 per month, USD 2,099 per year, USD 5,255 for lifetime.dows (video, sound, or image). And export windows.
  • Support for 2K, 4K, PAL, NTSC, and HD video.


  • The 4K UHD facility for YouTube is only available in the paid version of the software. 
  • It is not clear where the data is stored.

26. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing App

This video editing application is the best in its class. This application is equipped with many advanced tools that can help you produce quality videos. 

The CS6 version of Adobe Premiere Pro features a significant redesign and integration with two other Adobe products. Such as Adobe Prelude for recording and video recording, and Adobe SpeedGrade for color correction.

In addition, Adobe Premiere Pro also offers Adobe After Effects for motion graphics, visual effects, and composting. There’s also Adobe Audition for working on multi-track audio. All of its functions and features will certainly be perfect for a professional videographer like you. 

Price: Has both free and paid versions. USD 19.99 per month for Adobe Premiere Pro . USD 39.98 per month for Adobe Premiere Pro +1 creative cloud app. USD 49.99 and USD 74.99 per month for Full Adobe Creative Cloud


  • Allows you to perform direct access via video database sources.
  • It’s very responsive, stable, and has all the professional tools you need.


  • Not support for 4K videos.
  • You can only input videos smaller than 5 GB. 
  • The price is quite expensive. 

Can You Choose Which Video Editing Application Is Suitable?

No need to be confused about choosing the best video editing application for you. Just adjust it to your needs and abilities. If you are still confused about which video editing application to choose, just start by determining the category.

After choosing one of the four categories above, compare the advantages and disadvantages of each video editing application. Or, you can simply look at the table at the beginning for additional consideration.

To keep up with market trends that are starting to shift to video content, you need to create video content that is as attractive as possible, especially for businesses. Of course the goal is that your business promotion can be successful and bring in many customers. 

Hope this article can help you.

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