15+ Online Business Recommendations Without Capita

To respond to the #at home advice, it’s a good idea to start looking at online business opportunities . Because conventional businesses with offline marketing are most affected by current conditions.

You can start by thinking about what kind of business is right. There are many online business options, some of which can even be started without capital.

In this article, we tried to summarize the list of those businesses for you. Just adjust it according to the skills and interests you have.

Let’s read more.

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1 15+ Profitable Online Business Without Capital

1.1 1. Doing Dropshipping
1.2 2. Join an Affiliate
1.3 3. Opening an Online Course
1.4 4. Opening Website Development Services
1.5 5. Become a Blogger
1.6 6. Opening SEO Services
1.7 7. Become a Freelance Writer
1.8 8. Opening a Graphic Design Service
1.9 9. Offering Online Tutor Services
1.10 10. Selling Ebooks
1.11 11. Opening a Copywriting Service
1.12 12. Offering Translation Services
1.13 13. Become an Influencer
1.14 14. Selling Website Templates
1.15 15. Opening an Online Store
1.16 16. Online Business Through Instagram
1.17 17. Build a YouTube Channel
1.18 18. Become a Podcaster
2 Interested in Trying Your Online Business of Choice?

15+ Profitable Online Business Without Capital

The following is a list of profitable online businesses that you can do. Anything?

1. Doing Dropshipping

This is the first online business without capital that you can try. Dropshipping is a form of business where you sell other people’s products.

Dropshipper income comes from the difference in price, from what the buyer pays to what you pay for the supplier.

Unlike resellers, you don’t need to store items before selling them again. So, no need to bother making your own warehouse.

Then, how is the system?

You simply work with suppliers, then market their products. It can be through websites, social media and others.

Well, when a buyer wants an item, you receive money from the buyer. Then, you pay the money to the supplier according to the price of the goods and ask the supplier to directly send the goods to the buyer.

Currently, more and more platforms are offering dropshipping partnerships. Call it, Dropshipper Friends , Come Dropship , and others.

The choice of product types is also diverse. Ranging from fashion and cosmetics to handicraft products.

Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business without capitalWebsites, blogs, social mediaSales profit

2. Join Affiliate

Similar to dropshipping, affiliate is an online business without capital by selling other party’s products.

The difference is, your income comes from commissions on the sale of goods. The percentage of your commission as agreed with the seller, can be 20% or 50%.

niagahoster indonesia affiliate program

Affiliate is usually a program that requires you to register. For example, the Indonesian Affiliate Program from Niagahoster .

After joining, you will get a coupon code or banner. Just put the banner on your website or blog, or share your coupon via social media.

Every time a consumer buys a product using the coupon, it will be counted as points that become your commission.

an example of using an online business affiliate coupon without capital

The key to the success of an affiliate business is how to get a large percentage of commissions for you. The Indonesian Affiliate Program, for example, will provide a commission of 70% from every successful hosting sale . Interested in trying?

Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business without capitalWebsites, blogs, social mediaSales commission

3. Opening an Online Course

The government’s recommendation to study from home has made online courses booming. This can be a profitable online business idea.

Not only for students, many company employees also need access to learn new skills through online courses.

example of a course website as an online business without capital

An online course is a website that contains a variety of knowledge materials that can be accessed with a paid system. Either with a subscription system, or a one-time purchase.

You don’t have coding skills to create a website?

No need to worry. Many platforms like WordPress can help you create online courses with a good system. You simply focus on the skills that you will offer.

WordPress has many LMS (Learning Management System) plugins that will help you manage courses, create classes and manage payment portals.

While it is possible to start with no capital, we recommend that you invest in a good hosting service. The goal is to be able to provide a website that can be accessed at any time without any problems.

Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business without capital or small capitalOnline course websiteBenefits of selling course services

4. Opening Website Development Services

If you are good at coding, opening a website creation service can be a promising online business. The reason is, many people begin to understand the importance of a website but have not been able to create their own website.

Website creation services are quite promising to earn income

The first step in this business is to build a unique website as a medium of promotion and your online identity. Don’t forget, build a strong branding for your expertise.

In addition, you need to be more observant in choosing your target market and adjusting the service rates charged.

You can do this online business without capital. Even so, it promises doubled profits because you can do various business developments. One of them, by becoming a hosting reseller .

platform reseller hosting niagahoster partner

Niagahoster Partner is a platform that offers you the opportunity to become a hosting reseller without the need for any capital . Interested in joining?

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Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business without capitalBusiness website or portfolioBenefits from services and other income such as reseller hosting

5. Become a Blogger

You may ask “why blogging is included in the online business?”

Building a blog can be an online business choice without capital

Here’s the explanation. When you have a blog, you will certainly write content that is not only interesting but also useful. Then, visitors will come to your blog to get the quality information they need.

The more visitors come, the more income you will get. From where? Many sources.

You can earn from advertising. For example by joining the Google Adsense platform . In addition, it is not uncommon for businesses to dare to pay you to write sponsored posts. And, there are many other ways such as affiliates or selling your own digital products.

No less interesting, you can start this business without a penny of capital.

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Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business without capitalBlogCommission on ad serving, sponsored posts, affiliates, product sales and more

6. Open SEO Services

If you have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills , opening a website optimization consultant is a promising online business option.

Basically, your online business will help business websites to get the best rankings in search engines. Thus, it will bring in many visitors who have the opportunity to increase sales of their products.

Opening seo services is one of the promising online businesses without capital

Not many have this skill, so your services will be in high demand.

However, please keep in mind that your business should avoid unsafe Black Hat SEO techniques. Use good strategies such as keyword research, content audits, to monitor backlinks. This step is also to build your reputation.

To market this online business, you can use a portfolio website or blog that explains your abilities. To get more reach, you can also promote through social media.

Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business without capitalBlogBenefits of consulting services

7. Become a Freelance Writer

Your writing skills can be a profitable online business. Why is that?

Currently, many business people are aware of the importance of marketing with content marketing. One of them, through blogs. However, not many of them have the skills to write interesting articles.

Therefore, the online business of content writing services is quite promising.

To find potential customers you can do several ways. First , join a freelancer platform and take a job according to your skills. Some platforms that you can use are Sribulancer and Projects.co.id .

Second , build a blog or portfolio website that shows your skills. Set up a dedicated contact page to make it easy for potential clients to contact you. Then, promote your skills through various social media platforms to support their marketing efforts.

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Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business without capitalPortfolio website, blog, social mediaFee for article writing services

8. Opening a Graphic Design Service

As in the case of writing, graphic design skills are needed by the business world. For example, logo design, product packaging design, brochure design and others.

online business graphic design services

Opening a graphic design service can be an online business idea for those of you who have high design skills. Moreover, this work can be done from home or remotely.

To get consumers, you can also join a freelancer platform. In Indonesia, there is Sribu.com which is one of the largest graphic design marketplaces. If you want to try out foreign markets, 99designs can be an option for you.

However, you still need to build your online reputation through a portfolio website. This will be a testament to your design skills. In addition, potential clients will no longer hesitate to use your services after knowing the design work displayed.

Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business without capitalPortfolio website, blog, social mediaFee for design work

9. Offering Online Tutor Services

Your expertise in teaching also has the potential to start an online business without capital. The trick is to offer online tutoring services, both private and in groups.

online business seo tutor services

Currently, there are many platforms that support you to run this business. Some of them are SnapAsk and Superproof . For overseas market share, there is Wyzant that you can also try.

Slightly different from the freelancer platform, some tutor platforms make a selection beforehand for prospective tutors to join. Then, you can only get consumers who want to learn about certain topics.

Luckily, you can sign up for the platform for free.

On the other hand, you can also run this online business independently. The trick is to use portfolio websites and social media to promote your expertise in teaching certain topics.

Technical implementation of tutors can use applications that support video calling such as WhatsApp , Zoom , Hangout and others. Determine in advance to facilitate the teaching and learning process.

To ensure the implementation of this online business goes well, time management plays a very important role. Make sure you schedule each class appropriately.

Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business without capitalPortfolio website, blog, social mediaFees from private tutoring services

10. Selling ebooks

One more online business that can be done with the provision of your writing skills. Selling ebooks is a growing business.

online business by selling ebooks

This is due to technological developments that make it easier for digital books to be accessed anywhere with various devices. Not only that, there are currently a lot of digital bookstores that serve ebook sales. So, consumers can buy books quickly and easily.

To get into this business, make sure you are able to make an interesting digital book. Not only from the content, but also from the design and appearance.

The sale of the ebook that you produce can be done in two ways. First, selling it through digital bookstores such as BukaBuku , Virtual Works to the Google Play Store .

google playstore also sells various digital books

Second, sell it independently using social media or your website.

If you use WordPress, you can simply add a downloadable plugin that features a payment system to sell ebooks. One example, Easy Digital Downloads .

Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business without capitalPersonal website, digital bookstore, PlayStoreAdvantages of selling ebooks

11. Opening a Copywriting Service

Convincing consumers to buy a product requires skill. Unfortunately, not many have it.

online business copywriting services

Opening a copywriting service can be an online business that you should try. Because, you can start without capital.

Copywriting is one of the most common product selling techniques. Both in print media and on digital platforms such as websites. As shown on the landing page of the following Apple Indonesia website :

examples of using copywriting on the Apple Indonesia website

If you have mastered copywriting techniques well, you can immediately start the business. You can get clients from freelance platforms or promote a portfolio website that showcases your copywriting work.

If not, you can learn copywriting techniques first. Starting from how to create an attractive headline to writing persuasive body copy.

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Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business without capitalWebsite portofolio, platform freelanceFee for copywriting services

12. Offer Translation Services

Do you have foreign language skills? Why not try opening a translation service? This online business opportunity is quite promising.

online business translation services

Nowadays access to information is getting easier thanks to the internet. However, most of the information is in English. In addition, for some people who have works that they want to be introduced to the world, they must first convert them into English format.

That is, the role of the translator is needed in this condition. In other words, the consumer for your online business already exists.

Well, before getting into this business, make sure you complete the necessary certifications. This relates to your reputation as a translator. Then, you can join a translator community such as HPI (Himpunan Penerjemah Indonesia) to strengthen the connection.

If everything is met, start looking for clients through a freelancer platform or community connection. When you get a client, make sure to give the best work results. The goal, as a means of word of mouth marketing for your next consumer.

Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business without capitalPortfolio website, freelance platform, social media.Fee for translation services

13. Become an Influencer

You don’t have to be an artist to enter the world of influencers. In fact, many small and medium-sized businesses need a figure to promote their products but at affordable rates.

This could be an online business that you can try. Because, influence marketing is one of the strategies in digital marketing that will still be used by business people in an effort to sell products.

To become an influencer, make sure you understand your level first. Are influencers nano, micro, macro or premium? This is important to make sure you can do a good job.

If so, as a first step, you can join one of the influencer platforms first. For example, SociaBuzz or BuzzoHero .

online business without capital by becoming an influencer

As your reputation as an influencer grows, you can start offering these services independently. It can be through social media such as Instagram or through blogs.

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Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business without capitalBlog, platform influencer, social media.Fee from product promotion services

14. Selling Website Templates

In addition to opening a website creation service, you can use your coding skills to build other online businesses. Namely, selling website themes.

online business by selling website templates

As you know, currently the most popular platforms for blogs/websites are WordPress and Blogger . Unfortunately, the default theme provided is sometimes not as needed, especially for business websites. As a result, many users are looking for alternative themes.

This can be a promising online business opportunity.

To sell the theme, you can use a marketplace like Themeforest or Templatemonster . Of course your product must be able to compete in foreign markets. 

sample sales template using personal blog media

Alternatively, you can sell the theme on your own blog/website. This is what one of the successful bloggers Sugeng Riyadi did .

Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business without capitalPersonal website/blog, theme marketplaceAdvantages of selling website themes

15. Opening an Online Store

The current condition makes people’s activities limited. In fact, daily needs must still be met, from food to toiletries and various other needs.

With this condition, opening an online shop with delivery service is a promising online business idea. Especially, with the consumer market share in big cities. One example of an online store that you can run is an online vegetable shop. 

online business by opening an online shop

Creating an online store website is not difficult. It is enough to start by buying hosting and a domain, then choosing an online store website platform. Next, you can start installing a variety of products that are sold in an attractive storefront display.

Don’t forget to use a business strategy that attracts buyers. For example, for an online vegetable store, you can sell vegetables in packaged form, instead of selling them separately. For example, vegetable tamarind packages, vegetable soup packages, and others.

Promotion of your online store can be done through social media. You can also build a blog that connects with your online store. The goal is to attract more buyers to come.

This online business requires a small investment, but promises profitable results.

Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business with small capitalOnline shop websiteProfits from selling vegetable products
Easy Guide to Creating an Online Store – Try it Now

16. Online Business Through Instagram

In addition to using a website, social media can be a means to open your online business. One of them, can be by selling fruit.

sell online with Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform for this type of business. The reason is being able to display product photos and videos more attractively.

To run this online business, the first step is to create a business Instagram account. The goal is to build the credibility of your business. Then, optimize your profile so that users can get complete information about your business.

Don’t forget to keep posting interesting content with special offers such as free delivery in certain areas or certain days. If necessary, occasionally you need to advertise it, according to your budget and target market.

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Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business with small capitalSocial media platformsProfits from selling fruit products

17. Build a YouTube Channel

You think YouTube is just a means of entertainment? Think again. In fact, starting a YouTube channel can be a very promising online business idea without capital. 

In fact, a YouTuber can earn up to tens of millions of rupiah per month from his YouTube channel. How to? 

Example of a YouTube channel with interesting content

You simply create useful content and monetize. The source of YouTube income can be from advertising, affiliates or selling your own products. What content can you create to attract visitors? There are quite a few choices, from artist gossip, makeup tutorials to news information and product reviews. 

Building a YouTube channel does require a process. However, if your visitors increase and your subscribers increase, the amount of money you can make is also quite promising. 

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Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business without capitalYouTubeAdvertising, affiliates, product sales and more.

18. Become a Podcaster

Like YouTube, podcasting can also be an online business without capital. The difference is, Podcasts focus on audio content. 

Becoming a podcaster means that you build a channel that provides audio content on demand that can be accessed online. 

The content topic for your channel can be anything. Starting from the discussion of easy children’s lives like Young Only Once or about football like Retropus . Choose one that has a large and loyal audience so that your podcast can grow. 

Podcasting is one of the most promising online businesses

To create a podcast, you can use platforms like Spotify , Anchor , or Soundcloud . However, to look unique and flexibility of use, using your own website is the best choice . 

You can build your own channel on a WordPress website that comes with a plugin like PowerPress Podcasting . If you already have a lot of listeners, start monetizing to get income from advertising, affiliates and more. 

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Business TypePlatformIncome
Online business without capitalSpotify , Anchor, Soundcloud and Personal WebsiteAdvertising, affiliates, product sales and more. 

Interested in Trying Your Online Business of Choice?

Those are the various online businesses that are on our list. Most of them are online businesses without capital that you can try after reading this article.

Again, adjust the business you want to run with your interests and abilities. Because, the process of achieving success may take time.

In order to simultaneously build your online reputation, always use a personal website to support it. In addition to looking more professional, it will be important branding for business development for the long term.

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