14+ TikTok Content Ideas for Business Promotion

Have you ever wondered how people can create engaging TikTok content?

Viral dance, voiceover, duet with me… and other creative videos.

As a business owner, of course you see TikTok as a golden opportunity. Moreover, TikTok has become the king of social media and captivated the hearts of more than 800 million people on earth.

The question is, what are TikTok content ideas that are relevant to business promotion?

Well, in this article, we will discuss it in full. 

Table of contents.
1 14+ TikTok Content Ideas for Business Promotion

1.1 1. Product Launching
1.2 2. Catalog
1.3 3. Workspace Tour
1.4 4. Behind The Scene
1.5 5. Packaging dan Shipping
1.6 6. Tutorial
1.7 7. Educational
1.8 8. Hashtag Challenge
1.9 9. Company Profile
1.10 10. Success Story
1.11 11. Day in My Life
1.12 12. Meet The Team
1.13 13. Testimonial
1.14 14. Announcement
1.15 15. Promotional
2 Come on, Create Unique TikTok Content to Make Your Business More Attractive!

14+ TikTok Content Ideas for Business Promotion

Here are TikTok interesting content ideas to boost business promotion.

1. Product Launching

Before entering the house, you prepare to use hand sanitizer. Suddenly, a stranger pats you on the shoulder and says, “Just use my hand sanitizer!”

Roughly, how was your response?

We are sure, you will immediately reject it.

But, it would be different if it was your own friend. Of course, it’s easier to trust people you already know, right?

Well, to gain trust, each party must know each other and feel connected . Especially when it comes to business relations.

Your product must be a familiar figure so that potential customers believe it.

Content Ideas TikTok Product Launching

You can open that introductory door from TikTok content ideas.

Make potential customers curious with a short video containing product spoilers. Show the product performance in a fancy scene. 

To make it more memorable, you can also insert the reason behind the making of the product, you know! 

2. Catalog

When you visit a store, what’s the first thing you look for?

Most likely, you will answer ‘catalog’ or menu book.

In the past, you found catalogs in the form of a collection of photos on book sheets, posters, or simply stored in a window. You have to flip through each page or walk around the store until you get gout.

Unfortunately, it’s an old way of showing off products. Now, you can bring your product catalog to life with great TikTok content.

Contoh ide conten TikTok Katalog

If you are a fashion businessman, for example, show a few ‘magic’ attractions such as changing clothes in every movement.

Don’t forget, add text so the audience knows the variant you offer. 

3. Workspace Tour

“Eh, go into the house first, let’s go!”

One of the best ways to get to know yourself is to invite people you want to know to come over to your house.

Take them around and show them your favorite spots. In an instant, the person feels as if they already know half of you.

Well, if you want potential customers to get to know your business more quickly, a workspace tour is an interesting TikTok content idea.

Example of Workspace Tour content

Show how you organize your workspace or office as needed. Show how you organize your inventory, where you work, and where you store ready-to-ship products.

When the TikTok video ends, your friendship with the audience has just begun.

4. Behind The Scene

Next interesting TikTok content idea, behind the scenes.

Today, people are no longer indifferent to the process. They start to care about what goes on behind the products they consume.

Interesting TikTok Content Behind The Scene

Open your ‘kitchen door’ and invite potential customers in. Show that you are using premium quality ingredients and processing them in the best possible way.

You can use this interesting TikTok content for any business, you know. Starting from photography, souvenirs, and much more.

5. Packaging dan Shipping

When shopping online, you must have wondered: What is my order again?

When you open TikTok, you find the online shop in question posted an interesting video.

TikTok Packaging and Shipping Content Ideas

The seller shows the order packaging process in a sweet package. Behind him, you can see a line of packages ready to be dispatched.

Now, your mind is fantasizing too.

Has my order been shipped yet? Or is it still packaged? Approximately…

Stop! We just wanted to prove that packaging and shipping turned out to be an interesting TikTok content idea.

For customers, there is a certain satisfaction in seeing how you treat their orders. For entrepreneurs, the customer’s trust in your business will be stronger and more secure.

Both are profitable, right? 

6. Tutorial

How do you promote a product that functions the same way and takes a long time to run out? Make-up, for example.

In the past, we knew lipstick only as an ordinary lip color. Perhaps, your acquaintances always refuse to buy new lipstick with the excuse, “Halah, it’s just like that. It’s still there at home.”

But now, things have changed. Various trends were born such as ombre lips, korean lips, and many more. So, it’s only natural that you find a teenager stashing a dozen lipsticks in their bag.

Out there, of course, there are many people who are curious to do something similar but are confused about what to do. 

Finally, they were looking for video tutorials.

Content TikTok Tutorial

On TikTok itself, for example, you can find more than 800k results views just for the hashtag #ombrelip.

Well, that means, video tutorials are a golden opportunity to show off the magic of your product. This TikTok interesting content idea will inspire potential customers to maximize the use of the product.

Share tips, life hacks, and other tutorial models that wow potential customers and put your tutorials into practice. Of course, by using the product you recommend.

7. Educational

Hoahmm… You’re not the only one who immediately falls asleep when you hear the word ‘education’. Even we feel it too.

Educational shows that we know so far may be closely related to the scene of someone who talks at length, with topics that we are reluctant to hear.

Well, if you don’t want your listeners to feel bored, now is the time to say goodbye to the dry way of education.

Create interesting and fun TikTok content so that educational videos are more fun and easily accepted by many people.

Ide Konten TikTok Educational

Make the most of TikTok’s features to create a wide variety of educational videos. Whether it’s a question and answer (FAQ), short stories, to video listicles. Also include a supporting background and don’t forget to provide helper text.

8. Hashtag Challenge

In the TikTok app, try typing the hashtag #TokopediaHaul. What was the result?

Of course, you will find more than 1 billion results that contain shopping content on Tokopedia.

Sample Content TikTok Hashtag Challenge

#TokopediaHaul is one of TikTok’s content ideas with the hashtag challenge theme.

Hashtag challenge is a challenge that invites people to do something with a certain hashtag (#).

You could say, this is a TikTok content idea that is quite a favorite of the company. Besides Tokopedia, for example, Indomie also mobilized #GoyangHotJeletot to promote the Hype Abis variant.

Why do many companies use this strategy? The reason is that companies easily get User Generated Content, aka content created by product users.

This means, business promotions run massively without companies having to bother creating content with their own ideas. Easy and practical, right?

9. Company Profile

Which appeals to you more: a description of a company or the story behind its founding?

Well , we know your answer.

Instead of listening to boring explanations, you, and 80% of people out there, prefer to listen to stories.

Ide Konten TikTok Company Profile

Tell me the motivations and reasons behind the establishment of your business. In addition, show your portfolio. Get people involved in this business or maybe inspire the audience to build a business too.

10. Success Story

Maybe you like the success stories of Colonel Sanders (founder of KFC), Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook), and feel motivated by the stories of other characters.

Besides you, of course many people also like motivational stories like this. Especially for those who are still hesitant to build a business.

Conten TikTok Success Story

Wait wait, why did this discussion suddenly turn into a motivational event?

Hey, be patient. We will not suggest anything without reason.

There is someone who may be very motivated by the story of Colonel Sanders. Automatically, he was always reminded of KFC. As a result, KFC became a brand that was quite memorable and personal for him.

Well, inspirational stories are a smart way to strengthen product branding . Your brand will be easier to remember and closer to the hearts of customers.

Therefore, motivate the audience with interesting TikTok content. Show the state of the company then and now, or bring another story that became your turning point .

11. Day in My Life

“What’s the boss doing, anyway?”

Surely, you’ve asked the same thing. Well in fact, nowadays people are easily curious about other people’s routines.

Because of this, content such as vlogs or day in my life are quite popular.

Ide Konten TikTok Day in My Life

Day in my life allows anyone to reveal their personal side. Routines, habits, even invite viewers to feel like someone else in a day.

As a business owner, showcase your activities through engaging TikTok content. Such as preparing production materials, taking care of clients, and maybe asking the audience to ‘accompany’ you to work.

Guaranteed, your audience will feel more connected to your life as a business owner.

12. Meet The Team

I have always believed that the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers and that people flourish when they are praised. – Richard Branson, founder Virgin Group.

Surely, you have heard the news when a factory or company received protests for exploiting its employees.

As a result, potential customers lose respect so they choose to turn the boat to another company. No wonder, big losses await at the company’s door.

This means that for the public the company’s appreciation of employees is indeed an important thing. Therefore, you can use the TikTok meet the team content idea to maintain your business reputation.

Konten TikTok Meet The Team

Therefore, introduce each member of your team and show the results of their work.

The friendship between you and the rest of the team will convince the audience that this business is run on the basis of healthy and sincere hard work.

13. Testimonial

TikTok’s next interesting content idea, testimonials.

Similar to the hashtag challenge, this TikTok content idea is also an example of User Generated Content.

How to make it is easy. Collect testimonials from each of your customers. Sew it all together into a great TikTok video.

Conten TikTok Testimonial

In addition to promoting your business, video testimonials will make customers feel more involved and appreciated.

14. Announcement

When changing the domain of a company website, what channels do you use to inform potential customers?

“Email, Instagram, Facebook,…”

… TikTok!

Content TikTok Announcement

Please add TikTok to your list.

TikTok features allow any announcement to appear more concise but still attractive. Whether it’s a change in website address, the latest product updates, the latest posts, and other important news.

15. Promotional

Lastly, there are TikTok promotional content ideas.

Maybe you’re confused, haven’t we talked about TikTok content ideas for business promotion?

Well, the promotional content we mean here highlights directly to the conversion. Whether it’s a purchase, following social media, or directing people to your website.

Interesting Tiktok Promotional Content

So if your sales are sluggish, use these TikTok content ideas to boost your business! 

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Come on, Create Unique TikTok Content to Make Your Business More Attractive!

By now, you’ve got enough cool TikTok content ideas for business promotion. However, it is possible that various other unique ideas will be born along with the growing trend. 

After closing this article, are you ready to shake TikTok citizens with fresh content that will certainly lift your brand’s reputation?


Finally, good luck, yes! We look forward to having you on TikTok!

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