12+ Ways to Become a Successful Youtuber for Beginners (Complete)

Many people have achieved success thanks to YouTube, both in the form of fame and abundant income. For example, Raditya Dika and Jess No Limit . These two people seem to understand very well how to become a YouTuber with millions of subscribers.

What’s the secret? Is there a way to become a successful YouTuber?

No need to worry, in this article, we will review in full how to become a YouTuber for beginners. In fact, we’ll also reveal the tricks that your favorite successful YouTubers have used.

How to Become a Successful YouTuber for Beginners

Here’s how to become a successful YouTuber for beginners:

  1. Determine the type of success you want to achieve
  2. Install Measured Goals
  3. Choose a Niche According to Interests and Abilities
  4. Define Content Type
  5. Find Your Characteristics
  6. Design Interesting Content
  7. Prepare the Necessary Equipment
  8. Focus When Making Videos
  9. Build Your YouTube Channel
  10. Build Engagement with Audience
  11. Promote Videos Through Social Media
  12. Strengthen with SEO Effort
  13. Perform Analysis

Well, let’s see a more complete explanation for each step above.

1. Decide what type of success you want to achieve

The first step to becoming a YouTuber is to determine the type of success you want to achieve. This is important because it will make you focus on what you want to achieve. That way, things that interfere with your priority steps can be ignored.

There are three types of success as a YouTuber, namely:

  • Number of subscribers . You have a lot of people who become subscribers because of the interesting content you have. 
  • Engagement . Your YouTube channel always gets lots of likes, comments and shares. 
  • Monetization . You can earn money from YouTube thanks to the quality and uniqueness of your content.

You may only focus on one of the goals above. However, you can also choose all three according to your priorities and channel development.

2. Set Measurable Targets

Once you have a goal, don’t forget to set a measurable goal. Why is this important?

The main reason, ensures the level of success can be measured. Therefore, you must set a target so that your desire is achieved on time.

Say, your goal is to get lots of subscribers. Set the target: how many people, and in how long? For example, 1000 people in 6 months.

If the target has not been achieved, you can measure whether your efforts have not been successful or your target is too high. After that, determine the next strategy. For example, holding a giveaway, collaborating with other YouTubers to achieve the target.

By having a target, you become more disciplined and easier to plan ahead. How to check the achievement of your target? Relax, we will discuss the explanation in the Analysis section of this article.

3. Choose a Niche That Matters Your Interests and Abilities

The next way to become a successful YouTuber is to choose a niche that matches your interests and abilities. Niche is a specific topic according to your target audience . For example, music, gaming, and several other niches.

Choosing a niche will help you be productive. Because, you will enjoy the work so that you can continue to produce creative content. What niche should you choose?

For reference, here we provide some examples of YouTube niches.

  • Culinary . Discuss topics around food. Content can be in the form of reviews, how to cook, and others. For example, the Ria SW channel .
How to Become a Culinary YouTuber
  • fashion . Discuss fashion and beauty. Content can be in the form of tutorials, product reviews, and more. For example, the Wellisna Merduani channel .
How to Become a Fashion YouTuber
  • Lifestyle . Reviewing lifestyle, such as how to save, tips on managing the house, and others. For example, Maurilla Sophiaanti Imron .
How to Become a Lifestyle YouTuber
  • Traveling . Usually contains travel documentation and reviews of a place. In addition, it can also be a recommendation of an interesting place. Travel YouTuber Indonesia, for example, Wira Nurmansyah .
  • Animals . Discussing knowledge about animals, animal rescue documentation, and others. For example, Animal Defenders Indonesia .
How to Become a YouTuber Animal Rescuer
  • Technology . Reviewing technology trends, device reviews, and other IT-related topics. YouTubers engaged in this field, for example, GadgetIn .
How to Become a Tech YouTuber
  • Games . Generally contains live streaming records playing games. For example, Jess No Limit .
  • Music . Usually, the content contains song covers, music videos, and others. Hanin Dhiya is one example of a YouTuber in this niche.
How to Become a Music YouTuber

4. Define the Content Type

After choosing a niche, it will be easier for you to determine the type of content. What types of content can you create?

  • Educate . Viewers gain knowledge that can increase their awareness and understanding of something.
  • entertainment . Viewers are entertained by the content you create. Usually, this type of content is the most shared, so it is suitable for increasing engagement.
  • Envince . The viewer becomes compelled to do something. Whether it’s purchases, subscriptions, and more.

We recommend that you stay focused on one type of content. Besides being easy to develop channels, it also helps form a strong niche. This is important because it will make your audience see you as a specialist in that niche.

For example, when people want to know about the latest gadget reviews, the GadgetIn YouTube channel might be the first thing they look for. Because, GadgetIn’s reputation in conducting product reviews has been recognized.

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5. Find Your Characteristics

When you decide to become a YouTuber, that means you have to be ready to compete with 31 million other YouTube accounts. Without having a strong characteristic, it is difficult to be recognized and become a big YouTuber channel.

This means that determining niches and specific content types is not enough. Finding your personality is a mandatory step on how to become a YouTuber. Characteristics can be in the form of room settings, attributes you use, language style, and others. Then, how to become a successful YouTuber with strong characteristics? Here are the tips.

  • be yourself

Everyone has a different character. So, be yourself. Both from the way of communicating, acting and interacting with other people.

How to be an Attractive YouTuber

For example, Deddy Corbuzier . This YouTuber does have a strong character. His outspoken way of speaking and supported by good argumentative skills make the content of Me Against The World quite phenomenal. 

By being himself and showing a strong character, Deddy is able to review controversial issues very well.

  • Don’t hesitate to use accent

The dialect of each region is different. Not as a barrier, the accent is actually able to form a strong characteristic

Become a Unique YouTuber

For example, a YouTuber named Bayu Skak who now has 2.9 million followers . His YouTube channel has a lot of interesting content, from daily life to interviews. However, the real attraction is the way it is delivered with a distinctive Javanese accent.

  • Create a catchy tagline

A tagline is a short sentence that characterizes a person. Surely, you are familiar with the word ‘Ashiaap’ which is often used by Atta Halilintar. By having a tagline, it will be easier for people to remember you.

How to become a YouTuber quickly recognized

The tagline is indeed an effort to build personal branding. The goal is to make you known quickly, and to build consistency and credibility.

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  • Personal style

Personal style is the choice of fashion that you use when presenting content. This is important, because personal style will be able to become your hallmark

How to Become a YouTuber with Unique Personal Branding

You can learn from YouTuber Alif Rizky . Building a music channel that covers local songs, is not appropriate without wearing Javanese traditional clothes. That’s what Alif does as his trademark. That is, your characteristics must match the channel you want to develop

  • Use the right settings

Setting where the video was taken can be your hallmark. This is because lighting arrangements and properties can still be developed creatively. And of course according to the niche you choose.

How to Become a YouTuber with Strong Settings

You can check out YouTuber Ewing HD, who uses a gloomy room to amplify his horror content.

  • Create unique content

One of the keys to becoming a successful YouTuber is to create unique content. One of the tips, find your skills that no one else has.

How to Become a YouTuber with Unique Content

For example, YouTuber Louis Rossmann repairs Macbooks live. Besides being able to educate the audience, Louis Rossmann has also succeeded in creating unique content that is rarely made by other YouTubers.

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6. Design Interesting Content

Interesting content material is one of the reasons why a YouTube video is able to attract a large number of viewers. In fact, occupy the trending ladder. Therefore, you need to design interesting content especially for the market segment you are targeting.

To get inspiration for interesting content material, you can try the following methods:

6.1. Check Competitors

Competing YouTubers will discuss material that fits your niche. By looking for references from competitors, you will get content ideas that are relevant and can be developed by yourself.

Competitor YouTuber Research

Use a platform like Social Blade to easily find competing YouTubers. Then, study the interesting content they have and come up with ideas for your better content.

6.2. Topic and keyword research

Google Trends can help you find out what topics are being discussed on YouTube. Of course it will be a source of inspiration in creating content. You can even filter by location, time, to categories according to your niche

YouTube Topic Research with Google Trends

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6.3. Define content ideas

Choose appropriate content ideas to make your YouTube videos interesting. By determining the right type of video, the value of the content will be more easily conveyed to the audience.

For reference, here we provide several types of content as a way to become a YouTuber for beginners.

  • How To is a tutorial to do or make something. For example, Making “SUGOR” Fried Milk .
How to Become a YouTuber with How To . Content
  • Inspire tells inspiring stories that motivate and provide new insights. For example, Niagahoster Customer Journey: Sate Ratu .
How to Become a YouTuber with Inspired Content
  • Listicle contains video compilations of unique facts or stories. For example, the 10 Most Unique and Gokil Schools in the World .
How to Become a YouTuber with Listicle Content
  • Vlogs display documentation of a person’s journey or activities. The craze at AEON is one such example.
How to Become a YouTuber Vlogger
  • Gaming usually contains live streaming footage while playing the game. The content is packaged in the form of a recording with the player’s image appearing in the bottom corner. So, the audience can watch the game being played and the reaction of the gamer. For example, Sultan Free Fire Spends 100,000 Diamonds Without Hesitating!
How to Become a Gaming YouTuber
  • Story will tell a certain story. Can be comedy, mystery, and more. Whether experienced by others or yourself. For example, Paranormal Experience: The Scariest House in Jogja (Part 1) .
How to Become a YouTuber with StoryTelling Content
  • Challenge contains certain challenges or experiments. For example, the Cooking Challenge is only 5 thousand! Suitable for boarding children!
How to Become a YouTuber Challenge
  • ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) presents videos with strong visuals or audio that evoke certain emotions. For example, Picking Out Blooming Flowers to Make Aromatic Dew .
  • Cover is about singing someone else’s version of yourself. For example, Who Dis – Secret Number | Cover by Misellia Ikwan .
How to Become a YouTuber Cover
  • Haul video shows and narrates the list of purchased items. For example like Gokill!!! Rp1,000 You Can Get It All!!!
How to Become a YouTuber Shopping Haul
  • Unboxing is opening the packaging of the goods that have been purchased. Unboxing the Rp20 million HP package from Asus – RoG Phone 2 is one example.
How to Become an Unboxing YouTuber
  • Reviews contain testimonials and ratings regarding products, films, food, and others. For example, the Redmi Note 9 Review – the HP that is said to be a WINNER in the 2 Million Class .
How to Become a YouTuber Review

6.4. Write a script

Script is the dialogue text that you will speak on the video. By preparing a script, it will minimize confusion when speaking in front of the camera.

Make sure you create dialogue that is simple, easy to pronounce, and easy to understand. You can test this by trying to practice reciting it while recording it.

7. Prepare the Necessary Equipment

Equipment is one of the main investments on how to become a successful YouTuber. By using adequate equipment, your content design can be run cool and beautiful.

What are the tools needed to get started as a YouTuber? 

  • Teleprompter

A teleprompter is a screen for displaying content scripts. With this tool, you don’t have to memorize the entire content of the script. However, keep your eye contact and gestures so that they don’t look too readable, yes.

Oh yes, no need to worry about having to spend a lot of money. You can really get a teleprompter starting from hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

  • External microphone

For clear audio, use an external microphone. The goal is to reduce noise that is usually still captured by the built-in microphone.

There are several types of external microphones, but one that is suitable for novice YouTubers is a lavalier microphone. A small microphone that is usually clipped to the collar of a shirt. Besides being affordable, this microphone is also easy to operate.

  • Lighting

Good lighting will make your video images look clearer. Therefore, you need lighting that suits your content needs.

For example, beauty YouTubers need ring lights to highlight the details of their makeup. Meanwhile, travel YouTubers will be more suitable to use LED on-camera lights so that they are easy to carry everywhere.

In addition, you can use sunlight for natural lighting. However, also pay attention to when you can use this natural lighting.

  • Camera

In addition to light, you need the right camera so that the images you take have a good resolution. 

For novice YouTubers, it is highly recommended to use a point-and-shoot camera. Because, it is more practical, easy to carry and the price is affordable. 

A cell phone camera can also be used. However, the results may be less than the maximum than a professional camera.

  • Video Editing Application

The video editing application must be used by every YouTuber. In addition to combining images, video editing applications can also provide interesting visual effects. Especially if, the image comes from a simple phone camera.

Fortunately, there are now many video editing applications that make pictures from your phone camera look like they were taken with a professional camera.

8. Focus When Making Videos

After the production equipment is ready, the next way to become a YouTuber is to focus on making videos. The goal is to make the video production process smoother and more efficient. With a good production process, your YouTube videos will be of higher quality.

How about tips to focus on the shooting process? 

  • Adjust the needs of the image with the script. Take pictures according to the plan that you have made in the script. 
  • Place the camera according to the angle. Make sure the camera is in the right position so that the picture taken is appropriate.
  • Use a tripod for stable images. With a stable image, your videos will look professional and easy to watch.
  • Make sure the microphone is ON. Do not let you have to repeat voice recording just because the microphone has not been activated.
  • Set the teleprompter. Make sure the teleprompter is in the right position, so you can read the text on the screen clearly.
  • Adjust the light. If you use sunlight, determine the best time to take pictures. It can be during blue hour or when the sky is blue (05.55 – 06.08 and 20.15 – 20.29), golden hour or when the sky is golden (06.08 – 07.13 and 19.11 – 20.15), and other special times.

9. Build Your Youtube Channel

In addition to ensuring the quality of the resulting video is good, personalizing your YouTube channel is equally important. You can make the channel unique and look professional as well as attractive to visitors.

Here are some tips:

  • Post profile photo

YouTube Avatar serves to display a profile photo as an account identity. Choose the best photo with a size of 800×800 pixels.

  • Use the appropriate banner
YouTube Banner Example

Banners serve to strengthen the identity of the YouTube channel. Make a banner with an ideal size of 2560×1440 pixels. You can also take advantage of free templates from Canva to make banners even faster.

  • Fill in the description section with informative

The description is like the About Us page on your website. In the description, you can provide an overview of the topic and content that you raise.

Fill in the description section with informative sentences. You can write up to 5000 characters in it. So, make sure you don’t forget to input the relevant keywords.

  • Have a visual style

Visual style is a video presentation style. The components in visual styles on YouTube videos include color tones, fonts, and more. Use these components well, as in the following example:

Visual Style YouTube

As you can see, Niagahoster’s YouTube visual style uses a blue and white color palette in each of its video thumbnails. This step in addition to making the display more attractive is also an effort to strengthen branding.

  • Create playlists that match the content

Playlists are useful for grouping content by topic or category. This will make it easier for channel visitors to access the topics they like. Examples are as follows:

Create a YouTube Playlist

Various contents are grouped in playlists such as How to Create a Blog, Marketing Strategies, and others. Thus, visitors can choose videos with topics according to their needs. You can also apply it to your channel. For example, Tips and Tricks, Interviews, and others. 

10. Build Engagement with Your Audience

Viewers and subscribers mean more than just numbers. They are one of the keys to the success of your YouTube channel. Therefore, you must build engagement with the audience.

How to become a successful YouTuber with high engagement? Check out some of the following tips:

  • Maintain consistency

Consistency is needed to make your YouTube channel memorable. There are two types of consistency: theme and upload time. You have to upload videos that fit your niche and characteristics. Also, set a fixed upload schedule.

Consistency affects the engagement of a YouTuber. Fadil Jaidi, for example. From Social Blade data , Fadil Jaidi’s YouTube channel has continued to increase since regularly uploading content. The video views are never less than 500,000 in less than 24 hours after uploading. In fact, Fadil also managed to capture a million more subscribers in three months.

How to Become a YouTuber with Millions of Followers
  • Engaging the audience in content creation

Audiences play a very important role in the development of a YouTube channel. Therefore, make the most of features such as polls to find out what your audience has to say about your content. Plus, you can collaborate with your audience to create shared content.

  • Do a live stream

Going live on a YouTube channel will increase engagement with your audience. Because, the audience can provide direct comments. No wonder, 80% of people like live streaming from their favorite channel

So, if your YouTube channel feels less engaged, do a live stream once in a while. In fact, you can also do it regularly.

  • Responding to audience response

Responding to audience responses is quite effective for building engagement. For example, giving a like sign in a comment.

How to Respond to YouTube Audience Response

In this way, the audience will feel valued. This will encourage them to be more enthusiastic about commenting and interacting on other videos.

11. Promote Videos Through Social Media

Even though you already have high engagement, you still have to promote your videos. Especially, promotion through social media. Because there are quite a lot of social media users in Indonesia. In fact, the number of users reaches 56% of the total population of Indonesian citizens. 

With social media marketing , you can maximize social media as a place of promotion. Good on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. With this strategy, your followers on social media have the opportunity to become your YouTube subscribers.

In addition, you can also take advantage of various tools for social media promotion. For example, you can use analytics tools to analyze promotion performance and engagement. That way, you can make sure that you’ve posted at the right time, that your targeted audience is right, and so on.

So, utilizing a social media marketing strategy will make it easier for you to achieve your YouTube channel promotion goals. 

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12. Reinforce with SEO Efforts

You may ask why SEO efforts are included in how to become a successful YouTuber? Isn’t that just for blogs and websites?

YouTube also needs SEO to be able to increase the number of quality visitors. With these SEO efforts, your content will be easier to find in search engines.

SEO YouTube

Then, what do you need to do?

  • Riset keyword

Keyword research will let you know what viewers are liking. So, we can make these keywords as content ideas. In fact, it is not impossible for your content to be able to reach the top rank in YouTube search results because it is relevant to the needs of the viewer.

  • Make videos with the best quality

If you make videos with good quality content, viewers will like them even more. That way, your video rankings can continue to increase. Well, one of the signs of a quality video is that it answers the needs of the audience and has unique content. 

  • Metadata optimization

Metadata is information about videos that is used by YouTube’s algorithm to determine video categories. In short, from this metadata, YouTube provides recommendations to video viewers according to topics that are often viewed.

Thus, proper SEO optimization of metadata will help rank on YouTube search pages or Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

To test whether your YouTube SEO performance is good, try typing the keywords you are targeting. Then, check if your video appears at the top of the list. If not, then it’s time to do an optimal YouTube SEO strategy .

13. Do the Analysis

How do you know that your YouTube channel is where you want it to be? Of course by doing the analysis. 

Luckily, YouTube provides YouTube Analytics to see how your videos are performing. So, it will be easier for you to evaluate. 

What can you learn from YouTube Analytics?

  • Overview . You will be informed about how much time your audience is spending watching your video. In fact, you can also monitor the process of ups and downs in the number of viewers and compare them from time to time.
  • Reach . You can find out how many times your video appears in front of a potential audience, how many people clicked on your video, to the number of people who watched your YouTube video at a certain time.
  • Engagement . You will get information about how many people are interested in your video.
  • Audience . You can find out if your YouTube video is on target or not. You will also get demographic information from your audience.
  • Revenue . This feature allows you to check the total earnings of your YouTube videos.
  • And many other features.

Once you know how your videos are performing, it will be easier to determine which strategies to stick with and which to evaluate. This is the key to becoming a successful YouTuber.

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It’s Your Turn To Be The Next Successful YouTuber!

You’ve learned how to become a YouTuber for beginners. It’s time to practice the steps we described above. Don’t forget to do it step by step right, okay?

If your YouTube channel is already growing, do some monetization efforts. Because YouTube allows you to earn online. You can learn how to make money from YouTube in our other articles.  

Good luck and I hope this information is useful for you.

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